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India Sees Boosting Green Power By 2030 Overtaking Climate Goal

India is facing a lot of changes when it comes to its environmental health and atmospheric pressure. The increasing population not only results in degradation of the lifestyle standard of the various people but also causing a lot of issues in the overall development of the country. The demand of various resources is increasing day by day but no one is actually taking care about the scarcity of these resources and not even thinking to make any changes to which may result in the Development of these scarce resources. This is really a sign of threat of the society as a whole and strict action is to be taken regarding the issue soon. Concerning alone is not enough to overcome these challenges, the time has come to take action. Our government has taken strict actions over it and still working on to pass various other schemes to overtake this goal of making a reliable and efficient climate change. 


One such scheme is about the Electricity and Power generation in the country.

 It has been in the news that by 2030, coal may account for half of India's power generation, despite a boom in power and wind energy projects. This is the decision taken by the India's power planning committee. This assessment has been released by the Central Electricity Authority which demonstrates that India still have a large number of coal plants which can further be used as a source of power generation in the country and lead to a sustainable development and achieve the goal of positive changes in the climatic conditions of the country.

The Central Electricity Authority of India further quoted that it was decided to get around 831 gigawatts of power generation using solar and with generation, out which India is still getting 441 gigawatts of power from solar and wind energy. All the resources of fossil fuels will end up forming around sixty five percent of the total installed capacity and contribute around forty eight percent of gross electricity generation. This data shows that the goal is not far to be achieved. The Central Electricity Authority is working really well to bring sustainable growth of the power in the country so that the future generation does not lack the consumption of power. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has targeted to bring a change in the climatic conditions by having 40 per cent non-fossil fuel powered capacity by 2030 will be exceeded if the projections hold true. As of now, the current plan say that the government aims to install one-seventy-five gigawatts of renewable capacity by 2022. India used to have eighty gigawatts of renewable capacity when examined in the last of week of May. The recent cost trends of renewable energy generation sources have shown the government that the footing to compete with conventional sources of electricity generation is must. The report, which is yet to be adopted by the government, identifies the intermittent nature of renewable generation as a limiting factor and advocates adoption of grid-scale battery storage. The reducing cost of batteries will help in faster roll out. 

India is projected to overtake the U.S. as the world’s second-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide from the power sector before 2030, as the nation’s electricity demand skyrockets, the International Energy Agency said in its World Energy Outlook last year. Carbon dioxide emissions from the Indian power sector are likely to be 1,154 million tones by 2029-2030.


Hence by the latest reports regarding the coming climatic changes in the country clearly shows that the target is soon to be achieved and almost all problems related to environment and its resources will be soon solved. The day is not far when India will come along with the world’s most developed country and remove the quotation of the developing country from its initials. The government and the electrical panel is working really hard to avoid the shortfall of the power in the country and also targeting the remote areas of the country where there's no electricity or power connection. Soon each and every small district of the country, India will generate the electricity and every citizen will get a better lifestyle than earlier. All we are required is to support and help the government with our fullest of capabilities to achieve this climatic goal as soon as possible and to develop the nation at its best.


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