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Bill Gates joins Jeff Bezos as the only individuals of the 100 billion dollars club

Bill Gates’s, now with the $100 billion fortune on the nose, has not attained this much of heights since the boom of the dot-com.

Having added 20.7 billion dollars in this year alone Jeff Bezos’s overall worth is now 145.6 billion dollars.

The most reliable market news and data source Bloomberg tracks the net worth of around 2,800 billionaires around the world. Out of these 2,800 billionaires, 145 are worth at least 10 billion dollars, which makes them decabillionaires. Now, our world has two centibillionaires simultaneously.

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Bill Gates the co-founder of the Microsoft Corp, one of the richest individual in the world once, has once again crossed the 100 billion dollars mark, joining Jeff Bezos the founder of in the exclusive club, according to the billionaire index of the Bloomberg.

Bill Gates’s net worth, now reaching the 100 billion dollars mark, has not shown such heights since the boom of dot-com when Bezos was just getting started with his march up wealth rankings of the world.  The total net worth of the founder of Amazon is now 145.6 billion, having gained 20.7 billion dollars in the last year alone, while bill gates the founder of Microsoft has gained 9.5 billion dollars.

Both of these net worth’s underscores a widening wealth gap in the United States, where those individuals who have most capitals are getting richer faster. It is also an international trend. Bernard Arnault of France has the net worth of 86.2 billion dollars, which is equal to the 3 percent of his entire country’s economy. The entire fortune of Spain’s Amancio Ortega shows five percent of the total gross domestic product of the country. And lastly, there is Bidzina Ivanishvili of Georgia whose net worth is about the third of Georgis’s GDP.

The Bezos and Gates huge net worth might not last long in the wealth charts. Bill Gates has donated more than thirty-five billion dollars to the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation and he also said that he will donate almost half of his wealth to charity.  Bezos, on the other hand, might be about to cede a part of his net worth for various reasons, one such reason is his divorce with his wife.

In the billionaires ranking index of Bloomberg, you can check out the ranks of the world’s 500 richest individuals. The biggest loser among all these billionaires this year includes Elon Musk chief Executive officer of Tesla Inc.

One thing that both of the centibillionare have in common: Both of them do the dishes each night

Taking it slow

Taking it slow is their motto; many different studies have shown that a slower beginning to the day can really enhance your productivity and your energy. By taking it slow during the start of the day, one can get more extra time to connect with the ones they love, boost your spirits cook a healthier breakfast and set out to be more productive.

In an interview back in 2014, Bezos said, “We all have a limited amount of time, and where you spend it and how you spend it is just an incredible lever.

In that same 2014 interview, Bezos also said that he wash the dishes every night to please his beloved wife. He said “I can tell that doing the dishes really makes her like me. And the same goes for Bill Gates he also does the dishes every night, he said that I like the way I do it, even if others ask to give me a hand I do it myself.

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