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Top 10 Highest Paid CEO In The World

Numerous companies are spread all over the world. Some of these are exceptionally famous and have CEOs who earn the most. If you are eager to find out that who are the 10 richest CEOs in the world.

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Following is the list top 10 highest paid CEO’s in the world:

Jeff Bezos:

Jeff bezos is a name that is easily synonymous to hard work and success. He has started his own online books company from a garage in Seattle. From then on there was no looking back for him. Amazon is one of the biggest E-Commerce companies in today’s world. And it has Jeff Bezos as its CEO.

He’s just not the richest CEO in the world, but he believes in giving back to the community a big way as well. He is into Charity and donations.

Mark Zuckerberg:

Every time you open your phone you will know this name! It is because Mark Zuckerberg owns two of the biggest companies in the world. Facebook and WhatsApp! If you want to communicate efficiently then these are the two most avidly used social media platforms.

His net worth is$70 Billion Dollars! These social media platforms are not only famous but they are greatly worth as well!

Charles Koch:

The CEO of Koch Industries, Charles Koch make it to the third in the list. He has been the CEO of the industry ever since 1967. He is a man of scientific interest and attains to the same when it comes to making a progress in the business and in the industry overall.

His net worth is $60 Billion. He has been great at social work. And also takes it on him to educate people. He funds many charities and donations that work towards educating people who cannot afford the same. He is a great human being as well.

Larry Page:

If you are considering reading this article on Google, then consider this search engine would not have existed without Larry Page. He can be easily assumed as the brains who work behind this amazing company and keeps it running. His net worth is $48.8 Billion!

He has managed to attain 95% rating of approval in the site of Glassdoor. This shows he does not only own Google, but also is an amazing employer home all the employees love. His donations and charities already talked about a lot. He is a great humanitarian along with a good Businessman.

Michael Dell:

No matter how many laptops you have used in the world, Dell has always found its place among them. Even if it is for at least once is not always. The Dell technology is one of a kind and unique in every way.

Michael Dell has proved his efficiency in the company Forever. He was the youngest CEO with the Fortune 500. His net worth is $24.1 Billion. Dell had, in fact, most his company with EMC in 2016 and it was worth $60 Billion then!

Elon Musk:

Now, who does not know about this scientific prodigy? He is the CEO of Tesla! He has started creating history ever since he was a child. When he was 12 years old he gained popularity with designing video games.

He then started a company namely PayPal in 1999. Events old Paypal to eBay. It got him $180 million. Space x has been his major recognition and achievement emergency launch date in 2002. He has also brought in a revolution in the motor industry with Tesla Motors.

His net worth is $20.8 billion.

Supachai Chearavanont:

When it comes to the largest producers of animal feed, this company stands out exceptionally than the rest. Ever since 1921, the family is into the business of animal feed. The imported seeds from China and sold them.

His father was the priority of the company and continued for 48 years. It is only after he has stepped down that Supachai has taken his position as a CEO in the company from this year. His net worth is $13.7 Billion!

Marc Benioff:

He is the CEO of Sales force. He had worked around 13 years in Oracle under Larry Ellison. Then he decided to do something of his own, and it has always been a rewarding journey from then on. The Salesforce software works really great.

And it is attaining him enough popularity and name. His net worth is 3.9 Billion dollars. He is very popular among his employees and he is also a great humanitarian. His work towards the NGOs is astounding. And he compels and encourages his employees towards the same.

Sundar Pichai:

Now, who does not know about Sundar Pichai? The man is the CEO of Google and the Vice-President of the product management. He is practically responsible for seeing the development as well as the launch of the Chrome. When it has attained and garnered enough attention and fame started looking into The Other Google products as well.

In the year 2015, he was declared the CEO of Google. His net worth is 1.2 billion dollars!

Aneel Bhusri

He is the CEO of the workday. He has worked for more than 20 years now. And all his employees absolutely love and adore him. His net worth is 1.2 billion dollars.

These are the 10 richest CEOs in the world. 

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