China-Arab States Strategic Partnership: Myth Or Reality?

In the year 2004, people had viewed a huge and remarkable forum creation, The CASCF. The China- Arab States Cooperation Forum was successfully established between the two countries to build a strong relationship between the two. 

It has been already 15 years of the forum creation; still, it is developing apolitical storms among all countries and their political relationship. Many had first confused it as the military alliance between the two countries, but that was much more than that. This builds a state- to state relation in the world. But still, there is some confusion about the forum, about its reality.

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In the year 2018, the forum conducted its eighth ministerial meeting in Beijing. The Chinese President addresses the renowned personalities who were present in the meeting. He declared the new establishment of the Sino-Arab future-oriented strategic partnership of comprehensive cooperation and common development too. But still, people are questioning about the reality of the forum and how much is this forum is valid. The question of being a strategic planning or an ordinary relationship exists in mind. Is it possible to build up a brotherhood relationship between China and Arab?

The Views of the Experts

Various scholars and experts have presented their thoughts about the relationship between the two countries. While some believe that it has built a solid foundation with the new Sino-Arab cooperation. This relationship is not confirming only the strategic and security level, but also in the political, economic and cultural level too. Some other scholars presented the view differently. The belief that the Arab is now in the period of transformation in the field of political and social basis. It has practically come just right after the cold war is over. So this forum has been developing the situations in Arab with the several aspects that are on a continuous change.

What is the reason behind the new agreement?

Now coming to the present point of the strategic relationship, the latest sino Arab relations need a new definition. There are a few reasons why is it so called strategic relationship.

  • The rise of China is a huge process. The basic nature of this process is peaceful development. The country is successfully defending the global challenges rather than declining or fighting for it. With this, the country will rise to a new level which would bring in more development to the country and also other partnered countries. So Arab has built a closer relationship with China to get the overall peaceful development.
  • A stable surrounding in the peaceful growth of China is essential. It is an important part of China's great periphery diplomacy.
  • Lastly, the two countries share a common interest which can help them to bind the two countries in many fields. Mainly they share the common interest in the foundation of the economic and bilateral strategic partnership. All these are laying the foundation for the relations between the economic and the trade regions between the two countries

For instance, the G20membership of both countries has ignited the global relationship between the two countries.

Why has the Political-Economic Agreement been done?

As we have already stated that both the political and the economic relations are each side of a single coin. We all know a developing political relationship will also raise the economic growth of the country too. Hence the economic relationship and the trading of both countries are developing the political growth of the country in a higher aspect. They are maintaining a good and stronger momentum in developments of economic and trade ties. In turn, these ties are helping to develop the political relations of the countries and growing a new bond.

The two countries have signed various entities. These entities are fully based on the bilateral economic, trade cooperation, technological cooperation which set up the trading committee and economic base at various levels.

Different Relationships Among the Countries or Interstate

The relationship between the countries or interstate can be widely divided. They can be divided based on the depth and the breadth of the cooperation. You can find six different types of such relationship.

  1. Alliance
  2. Quasi-alliance
  3. Strategic partnership
  4. Constructive partnership
  5. Common relations
  6. Hostile relations

Among these six divisions, the china Arab lies in the third partnership that is the strategic partnership.

According to the list, the alliance is the most strong and highest level of interstate relations. Though the nature of the alliance depends yet it is being mentioned in the formal agreements between the countries where the agreements have been done.

The next one is all about the security alliance among the states or countries in informal agreements. This is termed as the quasi-alliance relationships. Though they have not formed any forum yet, they can give the sound foundation of the security issues handling between the two.

Next is the strategic one which is a political as well security partnership. It organizes all the aims to achieve the goal of implementers. The strategies are being made based on various steps which explain the various tactics. China and Arab have been continuing the strategic relationship between the two countries since 2004. Both the countries are maintaining this balance between the two and getting a new term between them.


Well to conclude the article, it is a new way to think about the two countries relationship in new ways.  Both are countries looking or global development and also building peace between the two in new ways.

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