Highlights from CES 2019

CES has been an attraction to many people ever since it had started in 1967. Every gadget enthusiast makes it a point to visit the CES event at least once in their lifetime. Also known as the consumer electronics show, CES has managed to keep the trust and the interest of the audience in them!

Thanks to all the great companies participated in it. These companies offer people with some of the newest and the coolest Gadgets and launches. The participant’s list had some of the big names of the industry, like Google, Nvidia, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, LG and what not!

The International CES 2019, was held in Las Vegas Nevada. Imagine the number of audiences it faced! We have brought 15 most amazing highlights of the CES 2019 event.

The 15 Best Displays of CES 2019:

Following is the list of 15 best CES exhibitor 2019 witnessed:

The LG Signature OLED TV:

Now, who doesn’t want a good television? LG has recently raised its bars with the signature OLED rollable TV. This television can be rolled out of a platform and rolled in back. It is anticipated that the television will launch in the markets in the latter half of 2019.

The Mercedes Benz vision urbanetic concept:

The age of driverless cars is here! And if you have always been a fan of the same, then this is your opportunity towards it. This car is entirely automated and comes with the cargo pod. It is a concept till now! We will love to see it change to reality.

The Ossia Spigen:

Numerous phones already have the feature of wireless charging. But the problem with them is that we will have to connect it to a pad keep it on it for the charge. But with this device, you can walk around and charge your phone without any wires.

The Foldimate:

Are you too lazy to fold your clothes? Do you get the real jitters doing so? Then foldimate is your solution! Until now the Foldimatewas just a concept. But this year we come to know that it will cost you around $1000 and is already in the prototype stage.

The Pong Cocktail table:

It is for all you give lovers! The pong Cocktail table is created by to form paddles and is absolutely 3D. Some magnets control the numerous Motors that are under the table. This is one unique gaming device that can set your mood right.

The Royole flexible Qwerty keyboard:

It is the era of foldable Consumer Technology. And getting to experience one is a fantastic feeling! This Qwerty keyboard is suitable for any surface and can be easily used. It uses Bluetooth to connect to any device you want. It can be rolled up without any effort.

The Y Brush:

We cannot deny that most of us are completely lazy even when we wake up in the morning! There is no doubt in the fact that brushing is one of the most tedious jobs in the morning. This Y brush is a solution. All you have to do is put some toothpaste on it and then put it in your mouth and turn the button on. It will brush your teeth for you.

The Hupnos antisnoring sleep mask:

All we really want is a peaceful sleep at night! Unfortunately, most of our partners snore enormously! And if this is a regular problem with you, this anti-snoring sleep mask will be just perfect! The Mask comes with an application that allows you this solution.

The Samsung Wall:

Samsung has launched its micro LED television that is 75 inches. It has named it the wall because, it is the most significant 4K micro LED television to exist. It is true that it covers most of your wall, but it is worth every money you spend on it.

The LaMetric Sky:

Who doesn’t love a touch of exceptional and customisable light panels in their home? By far this is one of the best that you will get your hands on. The beautiful shape and the mixture of lights are tantalising to your eyes!

The Asus Mothership:

If you are a gamer, then your dream has come true! If intense gaming is your nature and you have to stop Midway hearing overheating of your laptop, then the Asus ROG mother’s hip is the best solution. This laptop and attach itself and can stand to allow proper airflow! It keeps the laptop cool.

The Lamborghini massage chair:

Also known as the Lamborghini body friend massage chair, it can relieve you of your body stress in a matter of minutes. Costing around $30,000, this chair can offer you massage at the perfect points of relaxation.

The Samsung Bots:

If you love watching small cute robot around you, then the range of Samsung bots is something you would like to see. The Samsung bots are robots that can solve various problems around you while looking adorable. The air bot, for example, will help you purify the air while roaming around.

These are the 13 most essential lookouts of CES 2019. If it were not for the Consumer Electronics Association, we would probably never get to face such an excellent event around us. But every Apple enthusiast must know that Apple never has a stall in the CES events! Sad, but it has ways been this way since the beginning. 

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