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Kaveri Online Services

Chief Minister H.D.Kumaraswamy has now hurled Services that can assist all residents of the country in need of innumerable services provided by the Stamps & Registration department.

Kaveri Online Services assists people to perform a set of transactions online without going to a sub-registrar’s office.

The government is presenting an online platform for a set of services to make sure that the services grasp the targeted group of people. The government will position technology in multiple segments for superior distribution of services and for boosted limpidity, the Chief Minister told, on the event.

Revenue Minister R.V.Deshpande told citizens to come round suppose lots from his branch, which deals with them meticulously. In the opinion of this, he told, he will build up carrying about more individuals responsive improvements.

Even though, Kaveri Online service, any possessions associated contract starts with an application for an encumbrance certificate (EC) of the property being purchased. If inhabitants only want to watch it, he or she can go into property information and check it, real-time, online. If an inhabitant, on the other hand, requires a copy of EC, he can then apply for one online by paying a payment.

After done with the registration process of a property effort or any other action, people generally asked for a certified copy. They can at present obtain such digitally-contracted papers by using online along with a charge, the Revenue Minister added.

If you are now purchasing or selling a property and want to understand its market value as indomitable by the government for determinations of computing the stamp duty, the online system analyzes the rigorous market value for you. With some easy steps, the online system then estimates the stamp duty owed.

The government has searched for to make the complete process of registration the easiest matter. People can strategic in all details associated with the property being managed, upload documents and submit the application online. The system computes the market value, and the application then drives to the sub-registrar.

 Once the sub-registrar agrees on the application and the assessment, the person will pay the appropriate stamp duty and registration fee online, and then have to book a meeting with the sub-registrar.

The government has also built a mobile app named Maulya, to assist people to know the leadership value of any fixed property in Karnataka.

The online site offers a site of 250 sub-registrar offices in Karnataka, which assists people to comprehend authorities. Marriages are registered exactly based on the dwelling of the bride/groom. The site offers the list of jurisdictional sub-registrars.

The Stock Holding Corporation of India, in the meantime, will offer e-stamp paper on payment of a fee in the portal. People can get printouts for determinations of enrolling contracts and affidavits.

The Kaveri site also offers a service for banks and financial agencies, progressing agriculture loans to agriculturalists, to file the statement and release performances under the Karnataka Agricultural Operations and Miscellaneous Provisions (KACOMP) Act.

Department of Stamps and Registration has established “Kaveri Online Services” thus as to bring easily reachable and fast conveyance of people-centric services such as registration and conveyance of documents of sale of fixed properties, mortgage, lease, power of attorney and marriage, officials told.

They even told the initiative would be a one-stop solution for all registration associated services.

The services were hurled by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy in the incidence of Revenue Minister R V Deshpande and Inspector General of Registrations and Commissioner of Stamps K V Thrilok Chandra at Vidhana Soudha, the state secretariat, here.

Describing the services presented, officials told Encumbrance Certificate (EC) of fixed properties and Certified Copies (CC) of registered documents can be obtained via online.

If the papers are necessary only for seeing the purpose, it can be properly done in real time by offering correct details online; they told adding that people can also apply an online application for digitally contracted (certified) prints of EC/CC which can be obtained by paying the essential fees online.

The online services also comprise property assessment and stamp duty computer, pre-registration data entry by people that allows them to apply for document registration online without many visits to Sub Registrar Office and appointment booking for registration of papers.

It also comprises, assisting in a finding of Sub Registrar offices, marriage office, also filing of slowing and discharge actions connecting to agricultural loans under Karnataka Agricultural Credit Operations and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1974, amongst others.

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