GBC@IV: PM Modi to launch over 14,000 projects worth Rs 10 lakh crore in UP

During the ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will highlight the government's achievements and share insights with potential investors. On this occasion, CM

In a significant stride towards realizing the goals set by the Yogi government to elevate Uttar Pradesh into a one trillion dollar economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate over 14,000 projects worth over Rs 10 lakh crore during the Ground Breaking Ceremony (GBC@IV) on Monday at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan in Lucknow.

This initiative is poised to create about 34 lakh job opportunities across the state, marking a significant leap towards economic growth and prosperity.

Prime Minister Modi, accompanied by Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath, will tour the exhibition showcasing these transformative projects. Following this, he will address the citizens of Uttar Pradesh from the main fold of the GBC hangar, offering his heartfelt wishes for the successful commencement of these endeavors.

It is noteworthy that the Global Investors Summit was organized between February 10 and 12 last year. About a year later, the GBC@IV conference will be organized from February 19 to 21, in which several personalities, including Prime Minister Modi, will participate.

Following the historic 'Pran Pratishtha' of Shri Ram Lalla in Ayodhya on January 22, Uttar Pradesh, under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, is all set to achieve another major milestone with GBC@IV. Having captured global attention, Uttar Pradesh will embark on a transformational journey by launching several projects, guided by the vision of Prime Minister Modi and under the leadership of Prime Minister Yogi.

During the ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will highlight the government's achievements and share insights with potential investors. On this occasion, CM Yogi will also present his views on the suitable environment for industries in Uttar Pradesh as well as his plans.

Nand Gopal Nandy, Minister for Industrial Development, will extend a warm welcome to Prime Minister Modi. In addition, prominent figures such as Dheeraj Hinduja, Chairman of Hinduja Group, JP Park, CEO of Samsung Southwest Asia, Susan Pulverer, CEO of INGKA, Jinal Mehta, CEO of BitTorrent Group, and Jinal Mehta, MD of BitTorrent, will participate. Adverb Technologies. Involved. His thoughts on the industrial progress of the country.

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Additionally, Rajnath Singh, Defence Minister of India and Lucknow's MP, will provide his perspective. Following these discussions, Prime Minister Modi will unveil the projects digitally, accompanied by the screening of a short film showcasing the government's achievements.

With all arrangements now complete, the stage is set for the upcoming event. Recently, CM Yogi personally oversaw the preparations and provided necessary directions to ensure flawless implementation. The event is expected to host nearly 4,000 participants from across the globe, including eminent industrialists, Fortune Global/India 500 companies, foreign investment partners, high-level ambassadors and commissioners, and other distinguished guests.

To ensure the seamless organization of the program, Invest UP has delegated various responsibilities. Nodal officers have been appointed to manage hotel accommodations for special guests, while key staff have also been appointed for the airport, help desk, vehicle arrangement, parking, and registration.

Ten distinct pavilions have been erected at the exhibition site, showcasing a wide range of sectors including AI, textiles, data centers/electronics and IT, warehousing and logistics, film city, Invest UP/Top Investors, medical devices, electric vehicles and renewable energy, and defense/ aerospace.

German hangars, constructed from steel shipping containers, have been assembled for the event. In addition, 3D replica models of various defense equipment, including the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple, will be on display. Attendees will also be able to take a look at the upcoming film city project in the YEEIDA area.

On the sidelines of the GBC@IV on February 19, a grand exhibition will also be organized in which more than 9 special sectors will be displayed. Spread over an area of 1,250 square meters, this three-day exhibition will feature a pavilion for Artificial Intelligence, Textiles, Logistics & Warehousing, Defense & Aerospace, Data Centre/Electronics & IT, Electric Vehicles & Renewable Energy, Film City, Medical Equipment and ODOP.

In addition, sectoral sessions will be organized, shedding light on Uttar Pradesh's current status and future trajectory in key areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). These sessions aim to provide insight into the changing landscape of the country and its state's evolving landscape and its strides towards progress and innovation.

As many as 14,619 projects worth Rs 10,23,537 crore will be launched in the state through GB@IV. What sets this investment drive apart is its comprehensive reach, spanning across all parts and districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is worth noting that the Pacchimanchal region will witness the launch of 52 percent of these investment projects, followed by 29 percent in Purvanchal, 14 percent in Madhyachal, and 5 percent in Bundelkhand.

These investment projects will unfold across all 75 districts of the state, with 19 regions exceeding their investment targets by more than 100 percent. Of these, Eta leads with a staggering 354 percent, followed by Sitapur with 145 percent, Shahjahanpur with 127 percent, and Sonbhadra with 121 percent. Other districts such as Chandauli, Muzaffarnagar, Moradabad, Mirzapur, and Hardoi have also significantly exceeded their targets.

Moreover, districts like Amethi, Barabanki, Fatehpur, Gonda, and Bareilly showed notable progress, with figures ranging between 100 and 108 percent. This increase in investment promises to usher in a new era of economic growth and prosperity across the state.

Investment flows are diversified across a range of sectors, with real estate dominating the largest proportion at 19.24 percent. Renewable energy comes next at 15 percent, while manufacturing has 13 percent, information technology, and supporting services 10 percent, and logistics and warehousing 7.83 percent. Energy 7.5 percent, food processing 6.01 percent, electronics manufacturing 5.27 percent, education 2.96 percent.

In addition, investment projects will also started in agriculture (0.37%), livestock (0.25%), automobiles and electric vehicles (0.33%), biofuels/biomass (0.82%), dairy products (1.04%), defense and aerospace ( 0.55%), Distilleries (0.84%), Financial Services (0.12%), Food and Civil Supplies (1.08%), Health Services (2.73%), Hospitality and Leisure (2.78%), Infrastructure (0.02%), Textiles and Handlooms (1.28%), wood industry (1.00%), other sectors (0.11%).

The Yogi government is set to implement investment proposals exceeding Rs 10,000 crore, with contributions from 37 government departments. Surprisingly, 16 of these departments exceeded their targets.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Basic Education achieved an outstanding percentage of 888 percent of its set target, followed by the Food and Civil Supplies Department (226%), the Forest Department (182%), AYUSH (173%), Livestock (167%), and Energy (167%). %). 165%, secondary education (139%), technical education (133%), horticulture (120%), additional energy sources (114%), development of the cane and sugar industry (112%), medical education (110%), health (105%), YEEDA (103%), Civil Aviation (100%), GNIDA (100%).

The upcoming groundbreaking ceremony marks the fourth such event under the leadership of the Yogi government, after three successful precedents. These celebrations were instrumental in launching transformative investments, totaling more than Rs 2.10 lakh crore, across various sectors in the state.

The journey began with the landmark UP Investors Summit in February 2018, where 1,045 MoUs worth Rs 4.28 lakh crore were signed, laying a solid foundation for subsequent efforts. In July 2018, the first opening ceremony announced the launch of 81 projects with investments of Rs 61,792 crore. This momentum continued in July 2019, when nearly 290 projects totaling Rs 67,202 crore were launched at the second ceremony.

In June 2022, the third edition of the opening ceremony marked another milestone as more than 1,400 projects were launched with investments exceeding Rs 80,000 crore.

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