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HP plans entry into the refurbished market in India

India stands as a market of huge prospects for the tech sector, as brands convey in some state-of-the-art concepts to cultivate business and offer the greatest value proposal to the end user. HP is the cutting-edge brand to try and provide a great opportunity in the Indian market with its stated access to renovated products, specifically PCs. 

Recently, India has developed more adapted to using a smartphone, with the massive portion of these inhabitants has never utilized a PC earlier. Smartphones are reasonably low-priced than PCs, suits perfect into the type of budget Indians usually love to assign for electronics.

Understanding the life of such a concern, Hewlett-Packard is now planning to get an access into the refurbished market of India for personal computers. The intention for the brand is to drive to make PC more affordable to Indians, also is planning to look after so by offering refurbished products. Refurbished PCs, in HP’s case, are just used computers that are fixed and resold or even secondhand with several modules from lots of computers.

At present, Amazon has a good presence in this refurbished segment, and lately, Flipkart also declared 2GUD platform for refurbished products. This builds HP a fresh competitor in the sector.

HP arrives in the refurbished PCs market                    

Since it was emphasized by Flipkart when the news of 2GUD approached to the limelight, they even anticipate the refurbished market in India to be value $20 billion in the coming 5-6 years. That number goes for electronics and PCs playing a great function in it. HP’s aim to move in the refurbished market is to enhance the use of PCs in a nation that is ruled by smartphones. India has more than 350 million users of smartphones while statistics in 2017 recommend that less than 10 million PCs were traded in the country. Many brands are only looking a double-digit development, which is small in this compass.

HP, however, wants to pay attention to their determinations on taking the affordability aspect when it comes to PCs. The brand also just hurled mini-desktops ranging at Rs. 19,990, intended for students and educational institutions.

Summer Chandra, MD, HP Inc in India added, “One of the vast pillars we are concentrating on affordability in India. We know in India we have to offer the price value scheme. What we are seeing at is the refurbished market in India. It is a huge market, and it is essentially chaotic,”

With brands including like HP, Flipkart and Amazon are against building a market for refurbished products that, in a nation like India that is rate sensitive will carry the required balance.

Existing Market Position of HP                                                           

 HP Inc redeemed the highest platform with 28.9 percent market share in the complete PC market in India that got 8.4 percent failure in the first quarter of 2018, a new statement said on Thursday.

Dell, after receiving impetus in the fourth quarter of 2017, misplaced the number one spot with 23.4 percent market share in Q1 2018, as per to CyberMedia Research's (CMR) "India PC Market Review for 1Q CY2018".

"HP recuperated the highest spot with a high level of marketing diffusion. Enterprises aiming at consumers and providing to gaming PCs were the leading drivers for HP's evolution," the report added.

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HP looks to surge share in the Indian PC segment

With the potential access into the refurbished products market, HP targets at pointing first-time purchasers, college students and clients from Tier 2 and 3 cities. Their complete goal with this scheme is to enhance their market share in the PC sector in India which approaches at 32% as of 30th June 2018. HP considers that computers will speed up in the future with ever-rising broadband connectivity all over the world. In this way, HP will greatly depend on their widespread network of support centers in India which will conduct the overhaul and retail of used computers.

HP may disclose more information such as the name of the scheme and other imperative details; however, we are supposing the brand to do so in the next few days or weeks.

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