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Waymo Hits 7 Million Self-Driving Miles, Eyes Europe Expansion

Technology has reached new heights. Even though some might say that it has made us lazy, one cannot deny how easy our life has become. One of the primary reasons why Waymo has expressed its desire to expand its self- driving sights as quickly as possible to Europe.

The CEO of Waymo John Krafcik is determined to reach his goal. He believes in expanding Waymo, even though the company still has to go a long way to provide a driverless car- service in Arizona.

All You Need To Know About Waymo

Did you know Waymo was an initiative, taken by Google in 2009, to introduce an advanced self- driving car project? This meant that driving will now be comfortable as no one needs to sit in the driver's seat anymore. This project aims at making car rides more safe and comfortable for people. If things go well, you won’t have to deal with unruly drivers anymore.

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No Driver Needed

This was the first time at Northern Italy, where a car was driven outside the boundaries of U.S.A at Fiat-Chrysler’s Balocco - Proving Ground. The car company hit seven million miles of self-driving in March 2018. It left Uber behind, with only at two million miles of the Uber Self-driving Program.

No Shifting Of Waymo From Its U.S.A Plans

Even though Waymo’s Ceo, John Krafcik has expressed his desire to expand to European countries; it does not mean that the focus will shift from the American Market. Krafcik is a practical man and is entirely aware of his competition in the European Market. He stated that Waymo would not be a big brand in the beginning. Why? Simply because they have to identify the suitable market strategies first to make it big. Waymo also requires a large number of vehicles in Europe to expand rapidly. The growing partnership with the FCA is a significant milestone for a company like Waymo. Things look bright for the company.

Plans Of Waymo In U.S.A

Have you heard the company has already made a huge announcement? It has decided to introduce 62,000 minivans in the U.S by the end of this year. Already a lot of vans are being used in Arizona, and that is a significant step for the company. Before making that announcement, Waymo promised to work with Jaguar’s SUV (electric I-Pace) and will add 20,000 of them to their project. According to the officials of the company, Waymo has several other ambitious plans. It plans on selling their service, that is, the self-driving technology to their clients. This will be done by using Fiat Chrysler’s vehicles.

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More number of road accidents projects like Waymo need to be put into focus. If self-driven cars are used in all over the World, then it will surely be a revolutionary step for technology.

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