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Top 3 Technology Trends That Is Going To Transform Our World In 2018

The world will see massive technological trends that are going to leave everyone spellbound. Change is the only thing that is constant and technological change

Advancement is necessary in every sphere, and technological advancement is taking place at lightning speed. 2018 is going to be an incredible year when it comes to the development of new technologies. 

The world will see massive technological trends that are going to leave everyone spellbound. Change is the only thing that is constant and technological change is going to take place in 2018. So let's take a look at the top 3 trends in technology that will come in 2018.

IOT Will Become BIOT

Internet of things or IOT is responsible for all the smart sensors & numerous connected devices that you see all around yourself. Want to order a pizza? Simply tell Amazon’s Alexa to do it for you. 2018 will see the combination of IOT with, and it will give rise to BIoT. BIoT can be used for brand new services. BIoT accessing information from the respective sensors will become as easy as operating our mobile phone and opening a website. However BIoT the valuable data present in the blockchain will become impossible to hack.

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Augmented Reality Will Be More Mainstream

2018 will see a rise of augmented reality with devices like the glasses, HUD, etc. becoming cheaper in the market. Heads up display will be common which will be used normally in the eyeglasses of the consumers, thus you can view things in real time, for example, if you are looking at a text in a foreign country it will automatically get translate in English so that it becomes legible. Augmented reality will make the in-store experience even better for customers. People will see virtual inventory so that physical stores will again perform better than the online sites. Virtual pop up stores will also be made which will not be constructed using brick and mortar but people will get a gripping shopping experience anywhere anytime. This is good for merchants to shift their store from one part to another.

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2018 Will Witness More Bots

Bots will not only be for customer handling over phones, bots will have far greater application in every sphere in the year 2018. Home bots will be in a trend that will give you daily reminders and updates and perform numerous tasks so that it is sort of like an assistant by your side. Bots will be more intelligent, help you to manage your children, acts as the advisors for any kind of financial investments you want to make and even more. In 2018 bots will be developed more than apps so that you get the benefit even when your phone is inside your pockets.

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These 3 technological trends in 2018 are going to take the world by a storm. Experience new technology and watch it amaze you and make your day to day life easier and better. These 3 predictions will change the world for the better, and the future will be really advanced for us.

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