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Aadhaar Card- How To Update It?

    But do you even know that with the click of few buttons you can even update your Aadhaar at home? Yes, there is stepwise advice needed for updating

Most of us usually come across the word Aadhaar card and know that it is some unique identities consisting of 12 digits. This is mandatory for every citizen of India to have their Aadhaar Card made, just like the voter card. Are you concerned about updating your Aadhaar card? Some of us still today visit the cafe and here and there to update their Aadhaar card. Isn’t it too much of a headache? Unfortunately yes it is. 



But do you even know that with the click of few buttons you can even update your Aadhaar at home? Yes, there is stepwise advice needed for updating Aadhaar card, and without any a headache it can be done simply in your personal computer.

Do you think that it will be a tough process? Relax. It is nothing so tough at all. Just read the instructions talked here and you will know the easy steps to update your Aadhaar card by yourself.

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Steps To Update Adhar Online                                                   

  1. Visit the SSUP of Aadhaar.
  2. Then select the “proceed” button and click on it and then the instructions provided there must be read carefully.
  3. There is a number on the Aadhaar card. Enter that 12 digit number.
  4. For the verification procedure they usually give numbers or letters and you have to copy it down as given in the provided box and then select the option written “send OTP” or there is another option beside it written “enter TOTP”.

Aren’t the procedures going easier? Just follow the instructions and it will be more understandable.

  1. The OTP is then sent on your mobile number which is registered in your database of UIDAI.
  2. After getting the OTP to enter it soon as it expires soon.
  3. After entering the OTP you will be logged in to your own Aadhaar account.
  4. You have that TOTP feature which you can also use alternately to authenticate.

Authentication is really important. Are you doing any mistake in it? Be careful of it/

  1. There will be an Address option given which is needed to be clicked and then proceed to click the submit button.
  2. The residential address needs to be entered then which is already noted in the address proof.
  3. Directly go to the submit request updating button.

Without submission, u won’t be able to get access the further steps. So be sure are you doing it well? You should.

  1. If there is any need for any modification of address, simply go and click the option written “Modify”.
  2. Now select the declaration before clicking to Proceed.
  3. It must be noted that it is important to select the type of document required for submission in order to verify the PoA.
  4. Address proof is always needed to be uploaded and particularly those scanned ones and then submit.
  5. The confirmation needs to be read carefully and then continue to the button written “Yes”.
  6. The service provider that is the BPO will inspect to check the details provided are right or not or matches with PoA or not and then forward it to UIDAI.
  7. After that, the request of updating the entire procedure is taken and accepted and after that Acknowledgement Slip will be given.
  8. This slip contains the URN.
  9. Once done download it and print out your updated Aadhaar Card.

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Isn’t it easy and convenient? Of course, it is. After all bugging, all the time in the cafe is not much better than doing things by you at home.

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