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Download of Aadhar updates now available

The Aadhar card is mandatory now and there are popular uses associated with it. For example – to get the benefits of DBTL (direct benefit transfer LPG subsidy

The Aadhar card is one of the most authentic and widely accepted forms of identity. It was launched with an aim to provide an identity to all the citizens of India irrespective of any factor. This card comes with a unique number which is used to identify the person and also the biometrics of the same individual. Biometrics means the fingerprint and eye retina scan data. Many official processes have made the inclusion of Aadhar number mandatory and a lot of importance is placed on this card for various government schemes. This is a widely accepted card and more importance is placed on it since it carries vital information which is unique to a person.

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The Aadhar card is mandatory now and there are popular uses associated with it. For example – to get the benefits of DBTL (direct benefit transfer LPG subsidy) one must link their 12 digit Aadhar number with the bank account. Also, this card is mandatory while opening a new bank account, accessing monthly pension, driving license, filing IT returns, passport application and many more.

The UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has recently announced that users can now download their update history from the portal. This will be helpful especially for people who might have to display their updates history for an official motion. Aadhar users will be able to get hold of their data and information whatever has been updated since the generation of the card, dates-wise. This would mean that users can access previous updatations of address or phone number or any other information. The Beta version of this is available currently.

For the process to be executed the user will need to access the UIDAI website to access the feature. Then the user will have to click on the “Aadhaar update history” button. A section will be displayed where users will need to put in their Aadhaar number as well as security captcha. The user will then get an sms with an OTP on their registered mobile number and then they need to input in the blank space displayed on the website.

This will enable the Aadhaar holder to view and access and then download their Aadhaar update or edit history online. Every update made from the generation of Aadhaar card including name, date of birth, gender etc will be displayed according to the dates they were modified on.  Whatever changes, including any new inclusion of data or deletion of the mobile number or email id, will also be shown.

According to the CEO of UIDAI, Dr Ajay Bhushan Pandey this is another sect through which people can obtain their Aadhar update history and use it in support of their respective purposes. He also added that the ability to obtain a full history of past updates will generate more trust and empowerment to people. Now it would be possible to show authentic data and data changes even up to two or three previous years together for an address or phone numbers.  Such data might be necessary while applying for jobs or school admission or might have several other benefits.

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