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The 7 Best Features Of Windows 10 Which Are Going To Leave You Spellbound

We’ll now take a look at these cool windows 10 features. Are they worth the hype? Yes, they definitely left us spellbound and you’ll be too. Top 7 Window

Bored with Windows 8? Well, your savior has arrived, Windows 10 is going to be the best OS you’ll ever operate. There are some amazing features which you cannot afford to miss out. Wondering what they might be?

We’ll now take a look at these cool windows 10 features. Are they worth the hype? Yes, they definitely left us spellbound and you’ll be too.

Top 7 Windows 10 Features

  • Return Of The Start Menu – wondering where the start menu went in the previous versions of windows? The start menu has finally been brought back by Windows 10 and is available on the bottom left portion of the screen. There are two columns which are shown when you click on the start menu. There are also shut down, sleep, standby options on the side making everything easier for you.
  • Cortana Is Available On The Desktop – Are you lazy? Well, Cortana is going to be your savior. Interact with your pc just by using your voice. The future is here guys! Set it up in a language you want and search for any document without moving your hand. Play presentations, movies, songs and look up the web just with the help of your voice.
  • Launch Of Xbox App For Pc – are you a gamer? This feature will make you leap with joy! Yes, it is true; you can now stream any Xbox game that you want with amazing speed and graphics. Join your friends for a match and see activities on live Xbox.
  • Multitasking Feature Is Improved – has multitasking always been your forte? Good news for you then. You can now run a completely new set if windows minus the physical monitor. Set up another virtual desktop screen and choose which programs will be open on which desktop.
  • Apps Are Universal – Yes! There are new universal apps which will let the users make the seamless transition from one device to another. The content that you keep in one will get synced via the cloud and thus log in from another device and access all that you want with the help o these universal apps.
  • Action Centre – Want all your notifications in a single place? The action center is the way out. Windows 10 features the action center that contains all the alerts in your device from various apps. So you can access all of those from a single place and also adjust things like brightness and contrast.
  • Unified Control Panel And Settings – Less mess! Finally! The control panel and the settings option have been merged so that it becomes easier for the users to manage the device and make necessary changes.

Thus these are the 7 best features of Windows 10 that are surely going to make you want to switch from your regular OS to windows 10. So why wait? Do it today. We are sure this is going to be the best decision you take!

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