Know How Whatsapp Is Earning Money

Not only for exchanging social news and forwarding messages it has also become a platform for all types of business and often used to share business communicati

With the internet and mobile phones becoming smart with the development of technology and internet highways opening the floodgates to everyone, Whatsapp has become a part of our life and the way it is going, do not be surprised if it replaces your wife.

Not only for exchanging social news and forwarding messages it has also become a platform for all types of business and often used to share business communications with the desired person. The question that bothers the users is how Whatsapp is earning money? They do not put any advertisement or charges anyone for the usage yet earning.

How Do They Earn

Whatsapp never earns revenues through advisements, and the owners hated the sites that gave advertisement and created this platform that will have no ad. However, they needed money to run the show, and they introduced a paid version too alongside the free version with some added features. All like freebies.  

The Beginning

In the beginning, Whatsapp raised the US $ 250000 from some of the ex-Yahoo employees who were inducted as the co-founders of the company. The next round of funding was done by a capital investments institution pumping in the US $ 60 million till 2013 in Whatsapp Inc. There was not much expenditure of running Whatsapp except the salary of its 50 employees and ending verification codes to the users. On being popular, it was taken over by Facebook at the cost of US $ 19 billion in the year 2014, and it opened the floodgates of revenue earning of the app. The baby proved to be costly within few years.

The Method Of Earning

However, as it is taken over by Facebook, the information shared on Whatsapp is analyzed by Facebook and related advertisements after analyzing the data is put on Facebook targeting the users more accurately and effectively. In other ways, we can say it is Facebook that is earning more revenues through advertisements analyzing the information of the users in Whatsapp. As Whatsapp is under the umbrella of Facebook, it is indirectly earning the incomes or making money.

Launching of Whatsapp business application is another source of earning money for Whatsapp. This allows the business entity to be a verified user allowing creating a business profile with some links that take the user to the company website or the Facebook page leading to earning revenues.

Very recently, the company introduced Whatsapp money in India as it has opened its doors for anyone to enter that is a payment gateway like any other payment applications. This is a smart move by Whatsapp as India is a vast market and the users will use the app for money transfers against the minor. India being the most significant market helps Whatsapp to earn through the app. Word of caution: Don’t you ever think of any other opening.​


Any application needs some revenue to be generated to run it successfully. Whatsapp after spreading its tentacles to every corner of the world is now repositioning itself as a revenue earner with new revenue earning strategies.  

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