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Linking your Aadhaar with mobile number made easier

With the constant alerts by the telecom companies to link Aadhar with mobile number, it has become a matter you cannot ignore. There are numerous push notifications and SMS alerts being sent by the telecom companies in order to ensure that your services continue without any interruption. Supreme Court has ruled that linking mobile number with Aadhar is now mandatory, and we show you a simple procedure using OTP to link the mobile number and Aadhar.

The linkage consists of three processes:

1. IVRS Process
2. App Process
3. One Time Password (OTP) Process

In order to bring an end to the trouble for the users, telecom department has come up with a simple and quick process to link up Aadhar with the mobile number. Mobile subscribers can simply verify their mobile number and link it with their 12 digit UID on their Aadhaar card from anywhere in the country. The services are offered to the senior citizens and disabled persons on their doorstep.

How to link the mobile number with 12 digit UID of Aadhaar using one time password:

  1. Message your Aadhaar UID number from the registered mobile number to the number provided to you by your operator.

  2. The service providers will perform a demographic verification of the number.

  3. Once it is verified, they will request the UIDAI for the OTP which will be sent to your mobile number.

  4. You can now feed this OTP to verify the Aadhaar ID on the operator page in order to complete the process.

This process will allow the users to get their mobile numbers verified and Aadhaar linked to them without having to visit the service provider. This method will also help achieve the task within the set time frame.

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