Some more examples are used commonly in our everyday routines. Virtual personal assistants like Siri or Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s personal assistant help m

Technology moves at breakneck speed, and we now have more power in our pockets than we had in our homes in the 1990s. Artificial intelligence is not only a topic worth a discussion for innovators but it is also a topic worth exploration and expansion in the industry today. It has become one of those fascinating topics that have the power to change the entire lifestyle we’re living in. The era of smartphones has passed away and the age of intelligent phones has been incorporated into our lives, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You have heard of self-driving cars, haven’t you? Now pause for a minute and give it a thought, what was it? Well, It was nothing but the use of artificial intelligence in the real world. It has the potential to do human-like tasks by the creation of intelligent machines.

Some more examples are used commonly in our everyday routines. Virtual personal assistants like Siri or Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s personal assistant help make routine tasks even simpler. You simply ask, ‘What is my schedule for the day?’ and it bombards you with your plan. News generation or purchase prediction, it can do it all and serve millions every single day.  You must have noticed the chat option which comes on many websites when you’re browsing, what is it? Surely not a live person sitting at the back end. Well, it is Artificial Intelligence.

There are a number of apps in the market which helps in making one’s life easier and simpler. However, it really becomes difficult at times to spend time on all these apps to get the work done. Not only time consuming but hard to manage as well. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in, where personal needs are responded seamlessly.

It has the perks of keeping a record of previous interaction with the customer. After a thorough study of the patterns, behaviors and the basic understanding, Artificial Intelligence would be able to connect the brand with the customer in a better and seamless way.

The scope of Artificial Intelligence does not have its boundary until the mobiles. You name the field and I’m sure it can create wonders there. Banking sector or hospitality, domestic relations or software building, the wise application of this can make the best use of it.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are absolutely the things of future which are not only going to grow but rule the mobile apps development programming. The smart move would be to get your first mover advantage by the time everyone is busy exploring and experimenting with the recently hyped technologies.

Although we don’t know the exact future, it is quite evident that interacting with AI will soon become an everyday activity. These interactions will clearly help our society evolve, particularly in regards to automated transportation, cyborgs, handling dangerous duties, solving climate change, friendships and improving the care of our elders.


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