Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Tab A vs Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Galaxy Tab A and E come in dissimilar sizes, different screen ratios and variety of network connectivity. But noting the users' priority in mind, both of th

Samsung has come up with two brand new 7-inch tablets, the Galaxy Tab E  and the Galaxy Tab A. They have a lot of similarities but there are some major differences between them as well.

Samsung India VP of IT and Mobile division, Asim Warsi said that both will carry forward Samsung's idea of a smart media campaign and that he is quite sure that the new Galaxy tabs will be quite liked by the customers.

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Galaxy Tab A and E come in dissimilar sizes, different screen ratios and variety of network connectivity. But noting the users' priority in mind, both of them offer calling capability.

Both Galaxy Tab A and Tab E present a uni-body design with polycarbonate matte finish in the rear and glass front. Tab A features a flat back with slightly curved metallic finish, making it quite easy to hold.

The detailed comparisons are given below:

Similar Features – Tab E Lite vs Tab A

  1. Both have 7-inch screens with different resolutions.

  2. Both have 8GB of internal storage.

  3. Both feature a quad-core 1.3GHz processor

  4. MicroSD card slot.

  5. Wi-Fi.    

  6. Wi-Fi Direct support.

  7. Bluetooth 4.0.

  8. GPS.

  9. 3.5 mm stereo jack.

  10. Micro USB port.

  11. Single speaker, with similar sound.

  12. Similar design, same button for access and position for port.

  13.  Touch Wiz software extras by Samsung though slightly different between models.

  14. Both are available in two colors namely, black and white.


Differences between Tab E and Tab A


Tab E

Tab A


1024 x 600 resolution with 171 ppi; 16:9 ratio

1280 x 800 resolution with 216 ppi; 16:10 ratio

operating system

Android 4.4.4 KitKat

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop


up to 32GB

up to 200GB


equal to 9 hours; 3,600mAh

equal to 11 hours; 4,000mAh




front camera



rear camera




7.61″ x 4.58″ x 0.38″

7.35″ x 4.27″ x 0.34".


308 grams.

277 grams


Multi-window mode has the additional feature of pulling images and text from one window screen to another window in both Tablets. They also come with a Radio app that picks up local stations without using an internet connection.

Tab A has the SIM and Micro SD card slot are on the side. Samsung features two switches on the back for turning the display on/off.

The operating system is well compatible with Samsung's TouchWiz interface. Samsung has come a long way with its interface and made it natural to use.

Besides the essential toolkit, Samsung adds parental control software on both the tablets and the mode gets activated by a user-given password. Once entered, the tablets show only user-defined apps and files exclusively. For exiting the mode, users need to give the same password.

Both Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab E offer superb design and excellent usability. The Tab E has both 3G and 4G supporting voice calling which is certainly a cool feature and should be appreciated.

The only concern is the storage space that Samsung features in both the tablets. We hope Samsung will soon introduce a 32GB edition of both the tablets.


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