Google to Bring its Trump card to the Wearable Industry: the Pixel Smartwatch

There are plenty of such products that Google has gifted us such as Gmail, YouTube, Google keeps, Google Hangouts, pixel Smart-phones and many more. It has its

Technology has advanced very fast and so have the gadgets which we use in day to day life with their ever-new updates and upgradations. Technology pioneer Google has already changed the lives of many by bringing various innovative products without which we cannot imagine to spend a single day.

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There are plenty of such products that Google has gifted us such as Gmail, YouTube, Google keeps, Google Hangouts, pixel Smart-phones and many more. It has its competitors Apple and Samsung giving it a tough fight in the smart-phone sector. There are many other brands that make smart-phones with innovative technology and can be considered as the rivals of Google Pixel. But Google, the technology giant, will not stop here; they have announced that they are coming up with a brand new smart-watch that will be beyond comparison with respect to the current market scenario.

Apple and Samsung have already made their mark in this category, and it is expected that Google too, will be able to meet our expectations.

The new Google pixel smart-watch will be embedded with Google’s signature features like Google assistant, Hangout etc. There is a lot more you will be able to do apart from making normal phone calls and sending messages; the device would be easily able to track your work, heartbeats, footsteps, calorie counters and perform many other fabulous functions.

With an in-display fingerprint scanner you will be able to unlock your phone from the smart-watch quite easily. There are possibilities that it would be water resistant and dust proof so that you can carry it anywhere without any hesitation. There would be many benefits when you compare this smart-watch with the smart-phones in terms of calling features and notifications.


The device will be supported by a number of platforms such as Android and iOX. So even if you are an iPhone user, you will find this watch usable and helpful. Also, it is being said that Google would possibly launch the SIM-friendly version of the watch soon. Apple has been able to suffice for the needs of the sophisticated customers by providing them with cellular connectivity and streamlining multimedia in their smart-watch. This feature has made Apple smart-watches popular among the users and the incorporation of the same is likely to help Google capture the market soon.

The watch will come in a slim design, have an extended battery life and will also be equipped with some additional features like GPS, LTE, heart-beat sensor and WiFi.

Google has clearly proved its class and quality with its series of innovative products with cutting-edge features; so we are already anticipating an out-of-the-box product which could stick to our wrist while winning our hearts. In case it does not turn out to be a success as expected, Apple and Samsung will throw Google out of the competition and emerge as superpowers in the world of wearables!

It is hard to guess the future but for the time being we can surely wait for this wonderful pixel watch to enter our wish-list of tech gadgets.

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