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Microsoft 365 Re-empowers Its Tools to Help SMBs Protect Their Data

The manufacturers of Microsoft 365 have enhanced the tool to favor the small and medium businesses, as announced by the software giant at the end of the last month.

The features include an AI-powered analysis that can analyze your messages, detect which ones are harmful and reject them if required. Microsoft 365 has been known as an integrated solution offered for businesses that includes Office 365 along with Device Management and Security Capabilities. To these, some protective features against phishing and ransomware have been added that will eventually prevent your important business data from getting leaked.

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Last month, when the IT security community gathered at the RSA conference in San Francisco during the 16-20th of April, Microsoft introduced the new tools to the software suite (comprising Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility and Security and Office 365). Attack Simulator and Secure Score are two of these tools that deserve mention. These tools will help the business owners or administrators understand the effectiveness of Microsoft software to protect themselves from the attempts of stealing important data.

Leakage of sensitive data can cause great loss to a business- it can even make it lose out on its customer base. The advanced features in the new version of Microsoft 365 that will prevent loss of important data include a sophisticated scanning of the attachments and helping the users stay away from the dangerous sites.  

Microsoft is confident about the fact that their product will serve the purpose of the customers well, thanks to the recent survey that they have conducted. It has been revealed from the survey that 87 percent of the businesses have already faced a breach of their secured data. Also, 71 percent of the small and medium-sized businesses have realized that they are prone to cyber attack.

In fact, it has been observed that all companies, big and small, fail to protect their confidential data in spite of the best efforts put by the team. The new tool will be of great help in this respect since it will set certain encryption rules that will prevent the emails containing sensitive data from being forwarded or copied and pasted in a way that can lead to future problems.

To store the sensitive data safely, some new features such as archiving the emails have also been added and preservation policies have been revised. New users will be able to enjoy these special features just as they log in to Microsoft. 

In 2017, 2.9billion customer records were affected. Specialists have warned that the count may increase in the near future. It has been observed that more than half of all the SMBs deal with Social Security Numbers and more than 29 percent of them deal with bank account details. In such a scenario, there is no doubt that the re-empowered tool by Microsoft will benefit the business-owners. Microsoft is also introducing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to keep a check on the sensitive and private data.

Thus, thanks to Microsoft, SMBs are expected to find a solution to their woes!

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