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The Skagen Falster is a high fashion Android wearable

A renowned maker of unique Danish watches, Skagen is a part of the Fossil group and has begun dabbling in analog with Hagen and Android Wear with Falster. The Skagen Falster is a unique Android wear device which mimics the aesthetic of Skagen’s austere design while offering enough features to make it a fashionable smart watch. It costs $275 and has a fully round digital OLED face which allows you to read the time at all times. When the watch wakes up, you can see an ultra-bright white on the black time telling color scheme, you can then tap the crown to jump into different features which include Android Fit and the clever Translate feature which allows you to record a sentence and show it to the person in front of you. It can be purchased in leather or a metal band and the mesh steel model which costs $20 extra.

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Skagen has done away with GPS, heart rate monitor and LTE connectivity. If you are looking for a workout companion then this is not the Android you should invest in. If you are looking for a basic fashion smart watch, Skagen will tick all the boxes. It has a few basic watch faces with the Skagen branding at different points on the dial. The list face includes world time or temperature in different parts around the world which offers a glance view of time zones. It also allows you to change the display by pressing and holding on the face. With one charge, it lasts about one day.

The watch has an improved fitness tracker and a notification system. Skagen Falster offers a superior experience when compared to Fitbit. It is compact and takes away a lot of bulk of other smart watches and most importantly, does not look like a smart watch. Skagen Falster is a modern smart watch ideal for those who do not like wearing the huge fitness trackers on their wrists. This handsome watch is a high fashion Android wearable. How it survives, only time will tell.

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