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You may soon be able to send self-destructing emails on Gmail

Google is working towards a new design for Gmail which will allow you to send expiring emails. When providing an email service, it is difficult to be compatible with different clients and email providers. However, Google is evolving the POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocol and working to bring you a new version of Gmail.

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The self-destructing emails become unreadable after sometime. The feature will be very similar to the way expiring emails work in ProtonMail, in which the email becomes unreadable after a specific period of time. It also has another feature called “confidential mode” which will limit the activity of the recipient on the mail. The recipient will not be allowed to forward the mail, download, print or even copy and paste the content. This feature will provide enhanced security for Gmail users.

When you send an email, you can configure the expiration date so that the email will disappear after the specific period. In addition, you can ask your recipients to confirm their identity through a password which is sent via text message. This way, the email addresses and phone numbers will be associated. It is still not clear whether the feature will be compatible with non-Gmail users since the company requires you to confirm your Google account in order to view the confidential message.

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