Top Ten Highest Paid Employees in 2018 India

1. C.P. Gurnani: Being the CEO of Tech Mahindra, C.P. Gurnani is the brainbox behind the transformation of Mahindra Satyam to Tech Mahindra. Under his guidance,

Leading a company while generating a higher amount of profits is not a piece of cake. It takes all the pain and hard work to make highest profits. As the hard work, so is the salary. India is developing way too higher in terms of employment and profit generation. As a result, the employees especially the CEOs are being remunerated enormously. Let’s have a look on the top ten highest paid employees of India.

1. C.P. Gurnani: Being the CEO of Tech Mahindra, C.P. Gurnani is the brainbox behind the transformation of Mahindra Satyam to Tech Mahindra. Under his guidance, the company has evolved so much in terms of both profit and growth. With an impeccable experience of 32 years, his annual salary in the last financial year was as big as INR 150.7 crores.

2. Pawan Munjal: Regarded as one of the substantial persons of 2017, Pawan Munjal is the CEO and CMD of Hero Motor Corp. This 57 years old intellectual man has an inclination towards investing in technological advancement for a rapid growth of the company. Pawan’s annual salary amounted to INR 60 crores in the FY 2017.

3. Aditya Puri: With a great working experience of 40 years in banking sector, Aditya Puri’s salary amounts to INR 32.8 crores. He is the MD of HDFC Bank and is looked upon as the father figure for all company members.

4. Sunil Mittal: Having held Bharti Airtel to heights, Sunil Mittal earns a salary of INR 27.2 crores per annum. Apart from making huge profits, Sunil is deeply interested in social welfare and promotion of better education under the aegis of Bharti Foundation.

5. N. Chandrasekaran: Being one of the youngest CEOs of India, Natarajan Chandrasekaran takes home salary amounting to 21.3 crores. He is the CEO and MD of TCS and has taken his company to another level in terms of growth and profit.

6. Rajiv Bajaj: Contributing to a huge revenue generation to Bajaj Auto, Rajiv Bajaj takes home salary near about INR 20.5 crores. Due to his guidance, the company has managed to become the second largest manufacturer of two-wheelers.

7. Kumar Mangalam Birla: Drawing a salary near about INR 18 crores, K.M. Birla became the chairman of the company at a mere age of 18 years. Due to his young and energetic leadership skills, he has multiplied the profits from 2 billion USD to around 41 billion USD.

8. Yogesh Chander Deveshwar: Being the longest-serving CEO of India, Yogesh’s salary amounts to INR 21.6 Crores. He is the CEO of ITC Limited and has won Padma Bhushan for his tremendous efforts and entrepreneurial skills.

9. Mukesh Ambani: Being the richest man in Asia, Mukesh takes home a salary amounting to INR 15 Crores. Each one of us knows that he has taken RIL (Reliance Industries) to another level making it to be one of the best companies in India. 

10. Navin Agarwal: Having completed his silver jubilee in his company, Navin earns an annual salary of INR 5.1 Crores. Interested in uplifting the socio-economic structure, he has taken his company to heights.

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