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Honda Aircraft enters Indian market with HondaJet

Having a strong presence in the country, Honda vehicles have been driven by Indians for years. Now high net worth individuals will be able to buy Honda business jets in India. The Honda Aircraft Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Honda Motor has entered the Indian market.

The company has appointed Arrow Aircraft Sales and Charters Private Ltd as an authorized sales representative based in New Delhi for HondaJet, which is an advanced light jet. It will incorporate many technological innovations in the design and include the unique over the wing engine mount configuration which will significantly improve the performance and fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag. Over the wing engine mount will also help reduce the cabin noise, allow for larger room in the cabin, minimize ground-detected noise and provide the largest baggage capacity in addition to a fully serviceable private aft lavatory. The light jet will be equipped with a sophisticated glass flight deck available in any light business jet.

Rohit Kapur, Arrow Aircraft MD stated that they were excited to be appointed as the sales representative for HondaJet India. The aviation market continues to grow and the performance and features of HondaJet can be a true game changer. Arrow Aircraft is looking forward to providing the customers with a dedicated sales team for a comfortable, fast and efficient business jet in the category. The HondaJet authorized network exists in Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe.

President and CEO of North Carolina based Honda Aircraft, Michimasa Fujino stated that they were confident on the addition of Arrow Aircraft as an authorized sales representative, it will allow for HondaJet to be successful in the fast-growing business market and look forward to the strong sales and promotion of the advanced light jet in the aviation market of India.

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