Top 10 construction companies in 2019 in India

Larsen and Toubro: The Company stands at the top in terms of its service and quality. Having earned a huge amount of reputation, Larsen and Toubro generates

We have listed the top 10 construction companies in 2019 in India. The infrastructure of a country has a significant impact on the growth of the economy. With the Indian government laying importance on the infrastructure, there are a number of construction companies that are making the most of this opportunity. 

  1. Larsen and Toubro: The Company stands at the top in terms of its service and quality. Having earned a huge amount of reputation, Larsen and Toubro generates revenue of 15 billion US dollars. It is highly reliable and has successfully completed various projects. It employs more than 90,000 employees and is headquartered in Mumbai.

  2. Tata: Tata group has made a mark of its own in the country. It is a highly valued, rapidly growing company which is known for stability, reliability and quality. They have a stronghold in 32 countries across the world and have many real estate projects under them.

  3. Gammon: Very famous in India, Gammon is known for the excellent construction of building, bridges and other structures. They have successfully completed the construction of thermal power stations and nuclear power stations. Its structures are considered to be highly iconic.

  4. Hindustan Construction Company: The construction company began its journey in Mumbai in 1926. They are a great name in urban development, engineering, construction and real estate. They have worked on various projects and is the first company that got certified by the ISO.

  5. Afcons Infrastructure Limited: This is a reliable name when it comes to civil engineering. They deliver high-end projects and are known for the construction of megastructures across the globe.

  6. Punj Lloyd: When it comes to effectively managing and completing a project, Punj Lloyd comes to mind. They have undertaken energy projects, infrastructure projects, procurement services and integrated designs. It is a huge name across different countries.

  7. Sobha Developers: When talking about construction companies, you cannot forget this name. Sobha Developers is a big name in real estate and high business development projects across the world. They are well known in the field of interior material production and metal works.

  8. Soma: Established in 2003, the company has a strong business experience and an excellent team of people working under them. With an impressive portfolio, it is one of the top construction companies in the country.

  9. Simplex Infrastructure Limited: A popular engineering company, it has an excellent competitive edge and has an experience of more than 90 years in the industry. They have successfully completed 2600 mega construction projects since its inception.

  10. IVRCL: The Company is a leading construction company in the country with an established name in making humongous huge structures. It is well known for the quality and great service.

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