Top 10 Tech Companies in 2018 India

1. Intuit India: Established in 2005 in India, this tech giant is basically a USA based company. Having its head office located in Bangalore, it renders service

India is a hub for tech-based companies. But do you know which ones are on the top ten lists? Let’s have a look on which companies are emerging on the top list in the year 2018 in India.

1. Intuit India: Established in 2005 in India, this tech giant is basically a USA based company. Having its head office located in Bangalore, it renders services with employee strength of 948. It is one of the few companies who is outspoken about socially sensitive issues like rights of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) especially at the workplace. It also allows their employees to use their unstructured time i.e. 10% of the employees’ time to utilize in visualizing the problems of customers deeply and then working on them.

2. Google India: Founded in 2004 in India, Google India employs around 1863 people. Recently an activity was done by the employees of Google for analysing to see how an effective team is being formed and managed. More than 200 teams were evaluated recently to scrutinize effective team management.

3. SAP India: Emphasizing on creating a strong culture of entrepreneurship, this company is serving to the customers since 1998 with current employee strength of 6489. To escalate the growth of the start ups, it has launched its software ‘SAP startup studio’ that will help in solving complexities faced in business.

4. Adobe India: One of the best software companies in India, Adobe India focuses on women empowerment. It came out with policy of assigning buddies to those female employees who have gone on maternity leave. Also, it focused on hiring more and more number of women as the percent of women working in Adobe India hiked up to 31 this year from 23 in 2016.

5. NetApp India: Founded in 2001, NetApp India consists of employee strength of around 1536 people. It pays great emphasis on the enhancement of the talent of freshers. For implying this, it has collaborated with the faculty of IITs of some cities so that adding new aspects in the courses like cloud related content and data management.

6. Pitney Bows: Having its head office located in Gurugram (Haryana), It employs around 660 people. A massive amount of growth opportunities is provided here to the employees. It is said that 70 per cent of people who have joined in the first year when the company was established in India, still continues to work here.

7. Teleperformance India: This tech company was founded in 2001 and it consists of great employee strength of 8302. The company provides the employees for immediate feedbacks for the suggestions and problems rather than making them to wait till the end of the year.

8. PayPal: Founded in 2006, it employs around 1255 people. Recently it participated in the globally held program called ‘Opportunity Hack which provides a platform for the interested developers and coders who are willing to find out solutions for the challenges faced by them.

9. InMobi: This recently emerging mobile advertising company has come up with the concept called as ‘Founders staff’, where every year 4-5 well-deserved employees are allowed to work with the Founders and learn things from them deeply.

10. BT Global Business services: Under the ‘Employee Assistance Program’ of this company, the employees are provided with facilities of 24*7 calls and chatting services making communication easy.

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