How 2018 will be the year of digital marketing

“Quality” content will be the king With changing perspectives and the changing demands of the consumers, it is important to redefine what content looks l

2017 has been a year about marketers taking the necessary inventory on myriad issues and addressing a murky digital media landscape. It has been noted that businesses report a loss of 30% in case of lack of adequate marketing and customer experience. In order to deliver better experiences to the consumers, businesses will have to efficiently work on their digital marketing strategies.

“Quality” content will be the king

With changing perspectives and the changing demands of the consumers, it is important to redefine what content looks like. In order to deliver higher results, digital marketers will have to improve the quality of content they offer. They will have to put emphasis on the quality or else they will continue to falter in 2018.

One on one marketing will edge closer

With better devices and technology driven solutions, marketers are gaining access to data which can be applied across different platforms. One on one marketing has been a target for the industry for a while. 2018 will be a year to tap into this potential. Personalized cross channel experiences will help reach out to a wider customer base and it will replace email and push notifications on a large scale.

Voice will be big

With a number of devices introduced by Google and Amazon, transitional voice will be the next big thing. Consumers will be able to order anything they want simply by speaking to the device. Marketers should not shy away from experimentation and should try to reach out to the consumers through voice.

Influencer marketing will settle down

A large number of professionals intend to increase their influencer marketing budget in the coming year. There is a growth in the number of influencers and the volume of ads flowing in, but the number of actual vendors will shrink during the year. There will be consolidation but it will have to meet the standards of transparency which will be set by the brands.

Breaking down blockchain

The industry will benefit from blockchain technology and will increase transparency and accountability. Marketers are looking at blockchain as a solution which will clean up much murk in digital media. As blockchain technology matures, there is a huge potential in applications which will help fight ad fraud and allow the enforcement of smart contracts.

The coming months will serve as a strong ground where the brands experiment and blockchain will fit into their strategy. It will help consumers get a better understanding of the potential of the technology. Early adopters have a huge opportunity to make the most of the platform but the issue is of data control. Since larger companies are not willing to give up control over user data, there is little incentive to adopt the same for marketing.

Digital marketing will play a strong influence for brands and influencers, but marketers will be looking for innovative technology which will help the consumers connect to the products and services marketed by them.

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