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Toyota to introduce its battery vehicles in India by 2020

Automobile major Toyota aims to introduce the new range of battery electric vehicles in the country and other key markets through the 2020s. The automobile giant plans to popularize the vehicles for the decade 2020-2030. Toyota’s electrified vehicle strategy centers on acceleration in the development and plans launch of the hybrid electric vehicles, plug in hybrid electric vehicles, the battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles. 

It will accelerate the popularization of the battery electric vehicles with more than 10 models to be made available worldwide by early 2020s. It will start with China before entering the other markets and gradually move to Japan, Indian, United States and Europe.

According to the company’s plans, Toyota aims to have sales exceeding 5.5 million electrified vehicles by 2030 which includes more than 1 million zero emission vehicles. Additionally, by 2020, every model in Toyota and Lexus line up across the world will be available either as a dedicated electrified model to have an electrified option. The company aims to achieve the same by increasing the number of dedicated HEV, BEV, PHEV and FCEV models and by generalizing the availability of all the options to its models. As a result, the number of models which will be developed without an electrified version will be zero.

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