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Delhi-NCR largest market for Uber in 2017

Delhi-NCR has recorded the highest number of rides for the global taxi hailing company, Uber. It has recorded nearly five trips in a day with UberGo being the most popular among the riders. It claimed that its customers took as many as 1,969 trips in the capital during 2017.

Uber mentioned that they were focusing on moving from a startup to a sustainable business in the country and as a result, they have recorded double digits growth. It will continue to clock over 1 million trips in a day. Amit Jain, President, Uber India and South Asia pointed out that the company has also launched products which encourage ridesharing as well as complement public transportation through reliable first and last mile connectivity.

Uber’s busiest day in the country is Friday and the busiest hour is 6 pm when riders usually head home from work. The company had maximum rides on August 11. The highest number of uberPool trips were recorded in Bangalore and Hyderabad followed by Kolkata and Delhi. Further, riders from India also took Uber globally in 566 cities spanning 80 countries. The most popular travel destinations include US, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE and Britain.

With the milestone of 500 millionth trip in July 2017, India has emerged as the second largest contributor for Uber. It has reached 5 billion rides this year and has also launched UberEats and expanded across six cities within seven months.

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