Uber launches a B2B model

The underlying mission behind Uber for Business was to provide the organizations with an efficient way to manage their business travel and to improve the experi

Uber has launched a business 2 business model called “Uber for Business”, which allows helps the users in daily commute, late night rides from work, between office transportation and much more. The service is designed for organizations which would help different businesses in saving costs as they can make sure that the employees travel within the policy of the company. It also saves time for admins and managers who can now build set and forget travel plans for the entire company. It will show an increase in the productivity since Uber will reduce the stress of driving and parking by leaving more time to catch up on work and emails.

The underlying mission behind Uber for Business was to provide the organizations with an efficient way to manage their business travel and to improve the experience of the employees. However, it is believed that the organizations needed many additional features like monthly billing and reporting. All the organizations wanted Uber to solve its pressing business challenges which include the safety of the employees when traveling from work late at night, seamless inter office travel and enhancing the user experience with the pickup and drop facilities.

With the launch of Uber for Business, it has become possible to create customized solutions for the businesses and to allow them access to reliable transportation options for their needs. Companies can now configure their requirement and use the platform to manage the transportation for all the employees with a reduced cost and an increased operational efficiency.

The new model has the following features:

Set and forget travel programs: Uber for Business allows managers to set up automated programs for business travel, regular commuting, airport rides and other mobility requirements. Managers can set late night rides policy which works for the trips between home and work taken after 8PM. The company can decide how much to fund for the trip.

Permissions: Companies can now set rules for the employees, clients and customers on the type of car they can use, amount they can spend and the location from which a trip can begin or end. They can also mix and match the rules to pick the best that works for their company.

Different access to different groups: The app allows customization for the businesses. They can use different level of Uber depending on each person’s needs. By segmenting the team, location or level, they can take the transportation policies out of the back office and bring them to life.

A fresh user interface: Uber for business has been redesigned to provide a cleaner and seamless experience. A streamlined account setup flow will make it easy to choose as many travel programs as needed. Plus, access to Uber Central is easily controlled by enabling the employees who regularly interact with the guests, customers and recruits to call a ride for them on demand.

Uber aims to change the way employees travel across the world. It aims to put an end to the inconvenience of pre booking and to eliminate the administrative hassles completely. Uber for Business gives the employers an efficient way of planning travel in a cost efficient manner.

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