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Uber opens a new Engineering facility in Hyderabad

With the second engineering facility in India, Uber expands into Hyderabad where it has hired more than 40 engineers to build a world class business intelligence platform and real time streaming for Uber. The engineering facility is spread over 18,000 square feet and has come up in Kondapur in HiTec City, which is the IT hub in Hyderabad.

This is the latest vertical addition by Uber, which had opened its first Centre of Excellence in Asia in 2016. The city also houses the map team and city operations team of Uber. The Centre of Excellence opened with 350 employees and has reached 2,000 employees now, making it the company’s largest center after the headquarters in San Francisco. The company believes that it is changing the lives of people across the world. Uber completes more than 10 million trips in a single day and every trip is touched by technology which is developed by the team in Hyderabad.

Uber has more than two million driver partners globally which include 450,000 in India and 35,000 in Hyderabad. The company fulfills more than a million rides each week. It is seen as a reflection of the strong US-India collaboration in technology. The talent pool in the country with the initiatives of the government ensure ease of doing business in Hyderabad and has attracted many US companies to set up their operations in the city.

A team of 500 specialists provide support through multiple channels in Hyderabad. They use email, phone and social media to ensure a seamless experience before, after and during the ride. The company has its engineering centers in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Amsterdam, Sofia in Bulgaria, Aarhus in Denmark, Vilnius in Lithuania, Bengaluru and now in Hyderabad.

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