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Nissan tests its e-power technology in India

Japanese Auto maker Nissan is conducting some tests in India for its e-power technology which uses electric motor to power a vehicle but also has a small gasoline engine in order to charge the battery. The auto major said that it has begun testing its e-power technology equipped vehicle in the country as a part of its strategy to enhance electric mobility across Asia.

The company is a part of a working group in partnership with Indian Government and expects India to become a key market for electric vehicles in the long run. India and Indonesia are two major countries where the company is doing the tests while there are also some tests being done in Thailand. The technology uses electric motor to power a vehicle and also has a small gasoline engine to charge the battery whenever needed. Thus, doing away with the requirement of an external charger. Local engineers are currently working to understand the technology, drivability in local conditions and its applicability.

Nissan sees huge potential in the country for this technology. The long term strategy for the auto maker is to go for electrification of the automobiles across Asia. Nissan was a part of the working group on electrification strategy and it can share its experience from other countries in the field. Electric mobility could happen on a huge scale in India. It could come from mid-sized vehicles in the Indian market and not from the high end vehicles. Nissan’s intelligent mobility strategy is extremely relevant for the market and the future line up of Nissan and Datsun brands will be in that direction. The company is currently targeting 5% market share in India. The market is expected to hit about 5 million units annually by 2020.

Along with Nissan, various auto makers are investing in the electric technology for automobiles. It is expected to bring about a huge revolution in the automobile sectors. Experienced companies can share their knowledge and experience in the field in order to reach out and grow their India market. The market in India as well as the technology in the country is ready for a long term change in the automobiles.

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