Thousands of dollars, five at a time- Fiverr

So, if you don’t know already, Fiverr is a marketplace where anyone can sign up and start selling their services for a minimum of $5. Services on Fiverr are c

Next up in our freelancing series is an article on Fiverr. I will be going over the basics, explain you what Fiverr is, how it works and how you can get started with it and make your first five dollars today!

So, if you don’t know already, Fiverr is a marketplace where anyone can sign up and start selling their services for a minimum of $5. Services on Fiverr are called ‘gigs’ and you can find a gig about almost everything. Ranging from logo design, video editing, video creation, Word Press, back links, accounting, voice overs to getting your name written with real stones. Fiverr has some of the craziest services, which you probably can’t find anywhere else.

Lots of gigs are being bought and sold every day on Fiverr, there’s an intense competition, but I will be sharing my secret sauce to help you get a better gig ranking and ultimately more orders.

First of all, you need to get yourself registered on Fiverr, then I want you to do some research, go through the website, see what people are selling, which gigs do better business, get well-versed with the whole concept and the idea of Fiverr.

While researching, look out for gigs that you are capable of doing, it can be anything.

So now you probably have the required knowledge to start your journey!

Here’s a step by step guide to create your first Fiverr gig and start earning:-

  1. Choose a short, simple and a catchy title: Clients do not read long and complex titles.
    For example, if you plan to sell your graphic designing skills and you’re looking to design logos for people, use a title like “I will create an amazing logo for $5” or “I will create an eye catchy logo for $5”. You get the idea, play around.
  2. Design a professional gig image: If you did your research well, you might have noticed that gigs with better and professional images do better than the ones without.
    I will tell you a fact, every effort that you put in to your gig matters, be it the images, the description, how you greet your buyer or how you end your messages, it all matters. Thus, more appealing your gig is the better it is for your business.
    Get inspired by the top sellers, look what they are up to, however it is recommended not to copy anyone, not only it’s against Fiverr policies, you should always maintain your uniqueness. 
  3. Write a gig description: Your gig description also plays a vital role in landing you orders. Pay attention, don’t make grammatical errors, watch out for inspiration. Again, do not copy, be different.
  4. Keywords: Fiverr asks you to write relevant keywords/tags which helps its search engine to show your gig to potential buyers when they search anything relevant to your gig.
  5. Add a video: Record a video of yourself explaining what you will be doing when someone orders your gig, or if you’re camera shy, make an animated video. If you want to go an extra mile, hire someone to make you a gig video. Videos help you with gig ranking and sales.

These steps should get you started.

Time for the secret sauce!

Honestly, a lot of people do this, and it’s no more a secret, but if you’re starting out, you should be informed, because it still works.

It involves steps and they are as follows:-

  1. Create a dummy account: We will be creating a Fiverr account to buy your gig from it. You buy your own gig, do this at least twice, give yourself a five star rating and a nice positive review.
  2. Increase the views on your gig: Use this dummy account to increase the views on your gig, the more the views, the higher you are shown in relevant searches.

So, I hope you found the article useful, and you’re all motivated to go out and earn.

Also, I forgot to ask you to promote your gig, do it, share it with everyone, your friends, family and almost everyone you know. You never know who ends up hiring you! Happy freelancing!

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