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Apps that will make your life easier as a freelancer

Life as a freelancer can be hard because it requires utmost attention to good organization and habits. Fortunately, technology is there to help us out in many ways, but, often freelancers are not clear what’s actually worth the cost.

I have worked as a freelancer since 2015 and here are some of the apps which I found most useful in making me as well as other freelancers stay organized and on toes.

For organized writing

Scrivener is one software most freelancers swear by. “I write a lot of medical articles that involve sourcing from research studies; Scrivener helps me stay organized by housing everything in one file and then by showing two files in split screen, so I can have the source material on one side and my draft on the other. I know I only use a small portion of its functionality; I think it’s worth at least double the $45 price tag.” says Chicago health writer Cindy Kuzma.

For keeping you focused and away from distractions

We often get distracted and check our social media accounts/respond to email’s and sometimes end up binge watch YouTube. The internet is a distracting place, and for people like me who can’t swear by their willpower have to use apps which block your internet for as long as you command it. It’s called Freedom, and it locks your phone as well, so you can’t cheat.

For recording your phone and Skype calls

To record phone interviews & calls, an app called TapeACall works really well. It saves your recording and you can then export them.

“There’s a great add-on called Call Recorder. It pops up when you open Skype, and you just click a button to start recording a call. Super-easy, and it’s never failed me.” Ford says when asked for taping Skype interviews.

Scrievener is helpful for transcribing. “You can have a sound file on one side and the transcript on the other, then use quick keys to pause and restart. Plus, there’s a feature that will automatically rewind a few seconds each time you restart, so you can get anything you might have missed.” points out one of the users.

For reminders and deadlines

People blindly trust Wunderlist when they want don’t want to forget an assignment or an appointment. “I like that it works across devices, so I have my to-do list everywhere and it’s always in sync. I also like the Pavlovian ‘ding!’ that sounds when you check something off,” he says. I also like that we now have a shared grocery list on it, so he has no excuse not to get what we need at the store when he’s there.” said one of the users.

These were some of the apps which can come really handy and improve your overall freelancing career. Proper organization is imperative when you start freelancing, it’s that skill which most of the people beginning out have but don’t use. Let me know your experience with these apps in the comment box down below.

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