In conversation with Abhinav Angirish, Founder, Abchlor Investment Advisors

More about Abchlor Investment Advisors: Abhinav shares, “AI is a 100% promoters funded company. We invest aggressively in technology and human resource. We st

Abhinav Angirish, Founder, Abchlor Investment Advisors took the entrepreneurial leap in the year2004. Quitting his corporate job and a promising career, Abhinav started his own venture, where in the very first year his company managed to amass over 100 crores worth of assets. Within two years, he added Real Estate Advisory, Real Estate Consulting, Home Loans, and Securitized Loans to the company’s offerings. With an expertise in the financial sector, in this conversation with us, we explore more about his business and how his team works to give clients maximum returns.

More about Abchlor Investment Advisors: Abhinav shares, “AI is a 100% promoters funded company. We invest aggressively in technology and human resource. We strongly believe in using technology for expansion rather than physical presence. Our strategic wealth planning capabilities include:

  1. Personal & Family Financial Assessment
  2. Lifestyle Cash Flow Planning
  3. Comprehensive Income Tax Planning
  4. Multi-generation Estate & Wealth Transfer Planning
  5. Insurance Reviews

Our investment solutions are chosen from a range of Mutual Fund products and our in-house Portfolio Management Scheme: Abchlor Classic Equity (ACE) Fund.” He adds, “Apart from this, at Abchlor Investment Advisors, we are committed to delivering the best of our individual and collective thinking directly to our clients. Partners in our firm and our colleagues at Abchlor regularly write articles for external publications and contribute to Invest Guide, our quarterly journal, on a range of topical investment management and wealth planning issues.”

Criteria’ to allocate the investors’ money: “At Abchlor Investment Advisors, strategic planning is core to our approach to wealth management. We believe that clients need to know what to expect after the real impact of taxes, fees and inflation and to plan accordingly,” shares Abhinav. He adds, “Our understanding of each client’s lifestyle, family, business, and philanthropic goals drives our wealth planning and asset allocation. Integrated and long-term planning is the key; each of these elements must work together to achieve the best results.”

The next 2 year outlook for the financial services industry: Abhinav shares, “These are very exciting times for FSI. The excess liquidity, investor education programs and roaring markets are inviting hoards of funds. Of course, we have witnessed this kind of frenzy whenever there is a Bull Run but, the amount of liquidity seen this time is something else.”

Potential Investors: When asked that from which segment does he see a robust demand for Abchlor Investment Advisors, Abhinav shares, “Financial Planning essentially is best planned at the start of one’s career. With the cost of living increasing day-by-day need for financial planning is the need of the hour. We anticipate a huge need for financial planning from individuals in their Mid 20’s to start allocating funds towards various financial goals.”

Future plans: Abhinav shares, “As mentioned earlier, we are technology driven company and have invested heavily in this space. We have developed and are currently in beta phase of a revolutionary online engine which should be live in the next few weeks. It will change the way, investment advisory works. We will be aggressively reaching out to potential investors and affiliates through online marketing. We are confident of activating thousands of new relationships in a very short period of time.”

Company’s working philosophy: “Looking at the bigger picture! We don’t simply focus on your financial portfolio. Our personalized approach is also designed to help us understand your wider ambitions and objectives for your wealth- generating an income that supports your lifestyle, family and retirement plans, helping you pass your wealth on to future generations, funding your ambitions, from personal legacies to philanthropy and staying close to your ever-changing needs,” shares Abhinav.

He adds, “Of course, life doesn’t stand still – your priorities may change and so will the world around you. That’s why we invest in building strong relationships with our clients to truly understand and adapt to their evolving needs. Building relationships that last! Nearly half of our private clients are purely on-boarded through referrals from existing clients. This is a sign of the trust clients continue to place in us. Earning their trust takes time, and requires an ongoing investment from us.

Advice for the young entrepreneurs:

A) Frame Your Financial Goals

B) Make a Budget & Start Saving

C) Invest in the Right Financial Product

D) Stay Disciplined With Your Investments & Financial Goals

E) Cover yourself with appropriate Health Insurance & Term Plan

F) Efficiently Plan Your Taxes

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