Hospitality industry can enhance guest experience through operational excellence

FCS Connect is an automated software solution that can be integrated with the current platforms in order to help hoteliers operate to their optimum. Further, si

In hospitality technology, automation and integration are underpinning business success and helping to improve efficiency as well as increase the operational excellence. The days of using manual processes are numbered with hoteliers recognizing the cost to business resulting from the loss of productivity, data input and miscommunication. With the advent of automated technology, the processes have streamlined, procedures and systems are in order for hoteliers so that they can focus on enhancing the guest experience. Automation has removed the need for manual work streams and unplanned issues of resourcing. With technology, the programming is planned well in advance for the year ahead. 

FCS Connect is an automated software solution that can be integrated with the current platforms in order to help hoteliers operate to their optimum. Further, similar software solutions include FCS’ e-Housekeeping, e-Engineering, e-Recovery and e-Laundry. Every system brings together disparate streams of data into a single platform that allows the hoteliers to gain an insight into their operations, guest preferences and resourcing which will enhance the guest experience in the future. The FCS Connect is guest service management software that can be fully integrated with the hotel’s property management system. It features automated request handling, monitoring and escalation, intelligent job assignment and tracking which improves the speed and efficiency. Hoteliers using this software have reported a 30% increase in the service speed which has contributed towards a reduction of 50% of guest complaints. The software helps eliminate manual paperwork and saves time as well as efforts of the employees. It allows employees to focus on the core of the business and provide hospitality to the guests. With this, clients experience an increase in cleaning efficiency by 15% to 20%. FCS’ e-Engineering solution prevents any detrimental events from taking place because of the high quality asset management systems that ensure that all orders are created and assigned based on the priority, location, staff availability, staff skill set, which are all set by the hotel.

Another Software for hoteliers is e-Concierge, which is a solution for hotel concierge services which starts from the management of the guest luggage to booking activities and managing lost and found. This system allows hoteliers to track real time statistics and redefine the guest service excellence. The FCS’ e-Recovery allows hoteliers to track and monitor the complaints, accidents and injuries to ensure that glitches are handled properly and detailed records are maintained for all incidents. e-Laundry is another software that assists the hoteliers to deliver profits to laundry operations by tracking the collection, delivery and charges for guests and visitors. Automation has led to the improvement in guest satisfaction and all the guests are connected with a single source that alerts the concerned department and ensures that high standards are consistently maintained.

There are many benefits of automation which include an increase in revenue streams since it empowers the hoteliers to delve into understanding the operations, guest habits and trends so as to customize their stay experience. Automation collects information that allows easy identification of operations and gives information about the areas which require more attention. Further, transparency and integrity in reporting helps improve the compliance and governance for the hotelier. Adapting to automated technology helps lay attention on unique needs and deploy solutions across different properties without any obstacles. 

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