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Dyson Technology all set to enter India

British company, Dyson Technology achieved success with its blade less cooling fan and bag less vacuum cleaners. It hopes to launch its products in India by the end of the year. James Dyson, British billionaire inventor had promised to bring his appliances in India, especially the bell shaped air purifier cum fan and the cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Now, his plans have firmed up and his Indian team is in place. The tech firm is gearing for a launch by the end of the year and will invest £150 million in the country in the next five years. A major chunk of the same will go in setting up 20 stores across major Indian cities. 

Dyson mentioned that India being a completely new market will need a special push on experimental stores. In the home market, that is, UK, the company has only one such store and they will aim to find new ways of selling across India as well as selling through the internet. Dyson entered China in 2012 and it has already become its third largest market. The product portfolio includes floor care, personal care and environmental control. There is big potential for the fan plus air purifiers in India which will be its 76th market. With the huge demand of air conditioners and the increase in pollution, there will be huge potential for this product. Dyson appliances are usually priced above £300. Dyson believes all the products are low interest items with disruptive designs and they sell at a huge premium. The company spends about £7 million on Research and Development every week in the Wiltshire campus, UK. Major amount goes into upgrading the tiny, but speedy digital motor which is the core of all its products. Two hundred engineers out of the 3500 engineering staff work on these motors alone. The assembly lines that produce these motors cost about £200 million.

Artificial intelligence and vision interpretation is used in the firm’s autonomous vacuum cleaner products and air purifiers. The company has pledged £1 billion on battery technology development by acquiring the Michigan based startup Sakti3.The company has consistently disrupted new markets with the high end products that have a huge mass appeal. With the right marketing and sales techniques, the company aims to enter India and connect with people through the internet. It will be interesting to see how the Indian market accepts the products and adapts to the new technology. Dyson will be concentrating on the products that are of high significance in the country and will price them accordingly. Looking at the market, it can be said that the country is ready to adapt to the latest technology and Dyson will bring about an array of products that will change the way people use electrical appliances.

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