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The AI technology that can read your mind

In 2017, there is a very good chance that the government agency or a tech conglomerate is keeping a close watch on you. It has now become much easier to track every action of yours, what if somebody can track every thought of yours? Recently, the researchers in the US have created something that will read your thoughts. The researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania have created a bot that can read your thoughts with a high level of accuracy, which is 87% to be precise. 

This research was recently published in the scientific journal of Human Brain Mapping and it is claimed that this technology will allow to decipher the human thoughts by monitoring a key marker of brain activity. The software takes a different approach to guess what is going on inside the human brain using the data gathered from brain scans via FMRI. An advanced FMRI technology was used to monitor the numerous subsystems of the brain, that are activated when humans form thoughts, by sequencing this information, they can predict the features of sentences that are formed in the mind. The ability of the human mind to combine individual concepts into active thoughts helped predict the pattern that reveals the thoughts.

For the research, seven participants were accessed for the brain activation pattern for a total of 239 sentences. By using this technology, these researchers were able to predict with 87% accuracy the primary features of the 240th sentence. This was then repeated for all the 240 sentences, leaving them out one by one so as to cross examine the results which proved the validity of the technology.  Another important aspect reported by the study is the fact that as against common perception, complex thoughts in the brain are formed by the activation of brain systems and not by using word references. However, the technology is still a far cry from revealing the exact sentences. It can only predict the thoughts that the brain is thinking and the possible subject of the thoughts. Although, it wouldn’t be long for a bot to predict the entire thought process of a human mind.

This research shows how far humans have reached in the use and application of technology and how far deep learning has come. Robots are now ready to read human minds and to easily become super powers. 

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