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Bengaluru Startup begins diesel delivery at home

MyPetrolPump, a Bengaluru based startup aims to end all your worries about fuel. It delivers diesel at your doorstep to residents who order or pre book for refuel at any time. The fuel is delivered at the same charges as available at the nearest fuel station, in addition to a delivery charge of Rs.99 for a delivery up to 100 litres. A consumer can place an online order on the website or call them up from anywhere and the diesel will get delivered at the time requested.


Only a couple of months ago, various oil marketing companies were mulling over the possibility of the home delivery of fuel in order to reduce congestion at the fuel pumps and save on time. MyPetrolPump offers services at select locations in Bengaluru and aims to expand across the city. However, the consumers can call them for a delivery in emergency.


A pickup truck with a 950 litre tank, fabricated as per the instructions issued by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization buys diesel from the nearest fuel outlet and delivers at the given address. It has a simple process where you need to enter the location, choose the quantity and product, followed by the time of delivery and the same will be delivered at the requested location and time. For any quantity above 100 litres, you will be required to pay only Re.1 per litre as a delivery charge. MyPetrolPump is the consumer brand of ANB Fuels Private Limited which deals with the problems of safety, pilferage and adulteration in the handling of fuel.


MyPetrolPump follows strict quality assurance program in order to ensure that every drop of fuel is checked for the quality before it is loaded into the refueller and leaves for delivery. They source fuel only after receiving the pre booking from customers, there is no purchase made before delivery. The startup is recognized by the Government of India under the Startup India policy for innovation in technology and processes adopted for the doorstep delivery of fuel. The startup met up with the petroleum ministry who appreciated their innovation. They use the space within the Petroleum rules where no license is required for the transport or storage of petroleum class B (diesel, but not petrol), which is non bulk, in a quantity not exceeding 2,500 litres. Although there were concerns about the safety while dispensing by the ministry, oil marketing companies and the department of consumer affairs.

The mini fuel refuelers used to deliver the diesel has approved valves and are earthed as they carry non conductive fuel. They are also equipped with metres and filtration systems and come with an anti-siphoning system to avoid theft and adulteration. They are also planning to deliver petrol in the near future. 

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