6 assured ways to earn money through the net

1. Become a YouTuber As recently as five years ago, YouTuber wasn't even a vocational title. The interconnectedness of the web and the DIY maker culture

The online world offers many opportunities to make moolah from the comforts of your home 

A little bit of imagination, basic tech-savvy and a fast wireless connection will bring you an income thanks to the wonders of the internet. Yes, there's more to the internet than bingeing on Netflix and checking Facebook feeds. Here are six of the many ways you can make money in the digital world.​

1. Become a YouTuber

As recently as five years ago, YouTuber wasn't even a vocational title. The interconnectedness of the web and the DIY maker culture which flourished through it, have given rise to this subset of amateurs and pros whose income is their YouTube channel where they dish out on advice and tips on everything from cooking to makeup to fitness. All you need is 10,000 real subscribers and you could become a full time YouTuber.  


2. Create websites

A website isn't just an address for a company's information. Think of it as land in the virtual world. You are creating your own share of real estate on the worldwide web. You don't need to be a web developer or a programmer to build a website of your own anymore. All you need is a host (like BigRock or GoDaddy), a template (WordPress has some great free templates) and content which is yours to decide – videos, blog posts about hot topics, an online shop, images, there's plenty of content types to choose from. Drive traffic to your website and the digital space offers myriad ways to make money off it (including the next point).


3. Amazon Associates

This one's for bloggers and those who have a website of their own. The Associates programme by Amazon will display a search tool on your website to find products and services on the Amazon site. It's showcased in the form of a digital billboard. Every item purchased through the link brings you a commission, either by crediting to your Amazon account, cheque or direct bank deposit.


4. Etsy entrepreneur

Those art and craft classes you took in school (and continued as a hobby into adulthood) can make you an entrepreneur. Enter Etsy.com

There are plenty of artists and craft people running successful side businesses on Etsy. It's the marketplace people the world over log on to for beautiful handcrafted knits, clothing, crochetwork, paintings and home decor. Get a seller's account and set up a virtual store on Etsy with as few as 5 items.


5. Kickstarter project

Looking for funding to fulfill a lifelong goal? Kickstarter might help. American actor Zach Braff used it to fund his movie. Come up with a killer pitch and you might just attract the crowdfunders to your project.


6. Record podcasts

Tech nerds, musicians and wannabe radio hosts have a legitimate avenue to earn a healthy living --- the Apple iTunes store. Podcasts are the latest rage in the infotainment business, and don't require too much gadgetry to record. You can start a series on indie musicians, record your original songs, interview interesting people or dole out gyaan on business in weekly or monthly podcasts on iTunes.


There's a world of opportunity in your lap(top). Stop killing time browsing your friends' social media feed and get cracking on your money-making venture.

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