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How risks in the sales process can improve results for a company

Most people across the industry are very cautious when it comes to the Sales Process and end up doing what everyone else is doing in the industry. This leads to an average number of sales and the same level of results for the company. The first step towards improving the sales process is to identify the potential customers. Most sales managers spend a lot of time on the customers who can give you time, but do not intend to buy. Either they are not interested or they do not have the budget, they will spend a lot of time with you without any intention of converting the same into an actual sale. Hence, qualify your lead and find out whether there is real buyer.

The real sales process only begins after you have identified the lead. People new in the business tend to believe that just because the buyer is talking with you, he is interested in making the purchase. This is far from the truth. It is important to keep in mind that the buyer will not immediately make the purchase, he will evaluate all the options and ensure that he is not making an uninformed decision. With every product, there is a substitute and with every salesman, there is an even better and experienced salesman. It is natural that buyers will try to scout the market before making a decision. It is important to stand out in the market, be unique and give something to the buyer that no other company can give. This is where you need to take a risk and ensure that your product is differentiated from the mass. If the buyers do not see you as different, they will take no interest in your business or products. 

Next is to remain prepared with the obvious objections. All the buyers are concerned about the durability, price, quality, type and nature of the products. Be prepared with the answers at this stage and confront the buyer that you will offer the best products, efficient after sales services and the highest quality. Be ready for all the objections and have your answers framed to convince the buyer.

Lastly, you need to take risks and be different in your approach. You cannot follow the same sales channels and expect to generate new customers. In order to retain the current customers and generate new ones, you need to offer unique products and services and most importantly, convince the buyer about the same. Selling is not easy- it will take time, focus and efforts. Hence, you need to be aware about the market, the potential buyers and only then begin with your sales efforts. Do not be afraid of a “no” because it is always better than a “maybe”.  Not every sales drive will convert into actual sales, hence have a backup plan and be prepared with a different approach to sell your products in a constantly growing market. 

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