The impact of startup culture on the traditional corporate culture

The idea of ‘office’ has completely changed. With the emergence of startups, individuals are no longer interested in the boring and drab cubicles. The start

It is common information that the startups are having a huge influence on the traditional corporate culture. Most corporates are ready to don the new culture and adapt to the changing environment. In various commercial complexes across Delhi, one can find the latest plug in facilities to encourage the launch of startups from the same address.  

The idea of ‘office’ has completely changed. With the emergence of startups, individuals are no longer interested in the boring and drab cubicles. The start up culture has changed the perception of office as new entrepreneurs revolutionized the work culture. The free spirited and flexible atmosphere in the start up is a stark contrast with the formal and less relaxed environment of traditional corporate houses. The startup culture has brought a drastic change right from the office décor to meeting rooms and the no dress code. Startups are doing everything differently and embracing the changes with ease. They encourage a lot of innovation and make the environment CEO friendly with the staff to enable open communication channels. This is the main reason why youngsters are instantly attracted to a startup.

The success of startups has established the fact that obsolete work practices could lead to monotonous patterns in the work environment, this could hamper the overall organization, productivity and growth. Hence, more and more corporate houses are accepting the benefits of this culture and incorporating the same in their work style. This has also influenced the HR practices in India. Technology has now shrunk the concept of space for offices and enables individuals to work from home, from co-working spaces or from cafes. For the entrepreneur, this reduces the overhead expenses and increases the productivity as well as the profitability. With lesser number of employees, there could be higher productivity for the company.

The employees are able to gel along with one another due to the absence of hierarchy and bureaucracy, this enables them to put in their best performance.An open door and walk in policy for all with no formal structure increases team building as well as accountability. Startups are more innovation promoting as compared to the traditional work environment where officials are expected to follow a strict hierarchy and the standard operating procedures.  Due to these innovations, it is much easier to generate synergy and maintain attrition to a minimum. The biggest change is the removal of cubicles and the glass cabins, which are now replaced by bean bags and large tables to sit across.

The new startup work culture has made every employee take pride in their company. With prior intimation, the employees are allowed to work from home at flexible hours. This has caused a major disruption in the traditional work culture as the employees now have a sense of ownership and the flexibility to work for the achievement of the best results. With complete flexibility and open communication channels, the employees find higher satisfaction in their work. Startups have brought about a positive change in the work environment across the corporates. 

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