How Netflix India is Delivering Video Content Worldwide

The company has crossed a 100 million subscriber mark recently and is currently working on a system that will help stream videos at the existing Internet speeds

Netflix has emerged as one of the best selling digital video content across the World. There was quite some excitement and high expectations when Netflix announced its entry into India. The Indian operations have helped the company increase the efforts in the improvement of the delivery of the video content across the World. The company has tried using new codecs and encodes that have helped in increasing the efficiency of delivery in terms of streaming in India. Due to the existing bandwidth constraints in the Country, it was more important for the company to ensure increased speed in processing. Although, the company mentioned that the technology is equally relevant and plays a huge role in the best steaming performance.

The company has crossed a 100 million subscriber mark recently and is currently working on a system that will help stream videos at the existing Internet speeds. This could be as low as 100 kbps by retaining the same image quality for one and all. This added feature will help the customers in quick video streaming and allow them to steam upto 30GB video content within a 2GB data cap. The aim behind this is to make the Indian market more penetrable, since people tend to watch Netflix on mobile phones with a limited data availability and a poor network. India is one of the three largest markets across the globe and the company hopes to maximize the subscribers through this process.

Netflix has collaborated with various Universities to build this new system which is expected to roll out by the end of 2017. The company has also launched its own content delivery network known as Open Connect servers which are aimed at improving the delivery of the videos. The company will not charge separately for the servers, hence, if an ISP wants an open connect server, the company will provide them for free.

Netflix is also working for personalization of the content based on the preferences and the tastes of an individual. Based on the individual viewing habits, the company tries to match score about how likely will the user watch a particular show. It has also brought a change in the rating system and made it much simpler. Since the company caters to people across the World, the tastes of individuals will also vary. Hence, personalization will have a good impact on the subscribers and also provide information to the company about the kind of shows preferred in a certain Country. With personalization, the customer can gain a great viewing experience when the thousands of titles are filtered down and prioritized as per the viewing choices. This will enable every customer to focus on the titles they want to watch.

In a Country with low internet connectivity and limited data, Netflix has been consistently trying to provide high streaming speed and maintain the image quality, with the improved features added to the medium, it will become easier to surf and stream for your favorite shows.

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