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Time to Rejoice for the Indian Companies in UK

There is some good news for all the Indian Companies based in the UK. The companies have shown a strong progress and have achieved an average annual growth rate of 31%. Almost 800 Indian companies based in the UK, generated a revenue of 47.5 billion and has become the second largest employers. The UK has always remained one of the most preferred destinations for the investors and the Government has created a right environment that allows companies to pursue growth at home and overseas. 55 Indian companies made it to the list of fastest growing companies out of which 23 are new entrants and the remaining had been featured in the same list previous year as well. 

Major companies are from the technology, telecom, chemical and pharmaceutical industry make up most part of the list. The companies have been constantly finding new business by diversifying into new spheres of activity. The list, titled ‘India Meets Britain Tracker 2017: The Latest Trends on Indian Investment in the UK’ by London-based consultants Grant Thornton and CII revealed the scale of contribution of Indian companies to the British economy. London remains the monopoly destination for Indian Investment in the UK. Out of the fastest growing Indian companies, 44% are based in London, which has increased from 39% in 2016.

The UK has always remained the preferred destination for FDI from India, Out of total 845 FDI projects made by Indian Companies, about 45% have been in the UK only. Datamatics Infotech Ltd has topped this year’s list with a growth rate of 103%. This is followed by KSK Power Ventures, Bharti Airtel Limited, The Bio Agency Limited and Oakus Limited. This report has also recorded £4.25 billion of new investment in 2016 by Indian companies, and further jobs being created as part of their continued investment programs.The Indian Companies are showing their impact on the economy of UK and also reflecting their strong business models and practices across the World.


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