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How TCS is supporting millions of kids to pursue a career in Science and Technology

TCS is a company which is always in the news, either for the stock prices or for the mergers and acquisitions that the company participates in. Currently, the company is in the news for another reason, the Chairman of Tata Sons’ Natarajan Chandrasekaran recently mentioned that the IT major is committed to encourage young children across the World, to pursue a career in Science and Technology. The company recognizes the importance of science and technology and the growing requirement of qualified professionals across the globe. The company aims to promote the skill development and talent in maths, computer science or technology related subjects in schools, colleges as well as at an advanced level. 

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) has been a huge priority in the US for many years and the company is working with various schools to promote education and technical skill development in these subjects. TCS aims to join with companies who will help kids pursue their education in one of the subjects and the company is working towards their goal in and across different Countries in the World. The chairman of Tata Sons was instrumental in the $35 million grant to the Carnegie Mellon University for research work in technology. He considers this as an important aspect of growth and development, with customers spread across the World, everyone wants to embrace the latest technology and be able to develop the future. They are developing a new center, which will be ready by 2018 and it will help in research and development of new technologies.

The company aims to be the primary contributer to the advancement of technologies that will help individuals. It considers Carnegie Mellon as the most pioneering institute in computer science and partnering with it also enables them to take forward scholarships for students. The company considers skills as well as talent as an important aspect of the changing technology across the globe and the right atmosphere and opportunity will ensure that the students are on the right path. 

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