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Startups and the changing work culture

The entire work culture in India is going through a paradigm shift, the word “office” is being done away with. In a Country full of enthusiastic startups, office and work have gone through a major cultural shift. The cubicles and drab rooms are now replaced by cosy, colorful rooms that are equipped with bean bags having individuals seated and working in casual wear.

The emergence of new age startups has caused a shift in the workplaces and this welcome change is appreciated by younger individuals. The current generation prefers a lively work environment as compared to the previous one. The startup culture was born out of the new hopes, beliefs and motivations of a new generation of professionals, these professionals have carved a niche for themselves in the work environment and have revolutionized the work culture. The change is not seen as a revolution against the previous work culture, but has become a natural evolutionary process which is a way to look forward. This work culture has been designed by the individuals who are destined to run it. Individuals are more driven towards their goals, instead of trying to fit into moulds, they are creating a place for themselves without making any compromises. This has introduced the concept of relaxed and friendly workplaces with less regulations in terms of dress codes, working hours and work spaces. There are recreational facilities and Happy Hours in most startups today. Various startups offer co working spaces or work from home option to the employees. Weekend getaways and recreational activities are organized to encourage the team building activities. This has been noted to be successful and has proved that the employees feel like they are a part of the company.

It can be noted that this work culture also leads to long working hours, sleepless nights and sacrifice of personal time and comfort. Some startups have also turned into nightmares for the employees, due to the excessive workload and a slow decline in terms of revenue. Some bring themselves out of the decline and get back into the business while there are many which died a painful death and were forgotten about.

With the changing demands of the fast paced world, it is important to understand the extent to which a flexibility in the work culture can be offered. It can thus be concluded that the startup culture has brought with it, new startup beliefs and values which have replaced the previous ones. The startups value innovation, are open in terms of communication and have removed the previously established system of hierarchies.  You can dress casually and head to work, sit on a bean bag and organize a team meeting, and at the end of the day, enjoy a few drinks with your team! Only time will tell if this shift is transient or here to stay, but one thing can be said about it, the startup work culture and professionals sure know how to work hard and party harder!

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