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How travel startups are helping professionals to work on the go

If you are someone who loves travel and wants to make money while doing so, you are welcome to join the Millennials. Many people these days choose to travel while making money, the most important thing about them is that they are content with whatever they are doing and earning. Millennials have discovered the secret to flexible jobs and gaining experiences instead of running behind a cushioned corporate job. 

There are various companies that allow individuals or digital nomads to travel the world together and work at the same time. The opportunity helps you live at remote destinations and make the most of the place. A lot of startups are coming up, which aim to connect the digital nomads to one another and to help them explore a new place every month. The start up handles all the requirements which include accommodation, co working spaces and WiFi. Millennials believe that the best way to grow is to travel and experience different environments, while working from a remote destination. To avoid redundancy and monotony in life, young individuals are replacing the big paychecks with the experience of a lifetime.


With the program, the participants can explore a new city every month and experience the local environment, cuisine, culture and learn the local language as well. Instead of living like a tourist, the participant gets to live like a local. In addition, many startups curate authentic experiences for the participants. This ensures that the participant has the real taste of a new place and has a memorable experience at the same time. There is no specific criteria for the applicant to join, any individual who loves to travel, has a job or a project on hand and an open mind to move out of the comfort zone can be a part of the community. The participants also interact with the locals and try to give back to the community in some form or the other.


Bali and Thailand have been some of the most preferred locations, but there are many other destinations as well. The new form of travel lures young individuals who are looking to change the world and gain more from their personal experiences. The trend, which started off in the US is catching up across the globe. There are many travel startups in India, which aim to provide a life changing experience to digital nomads. The experience is very different from a solo trip, since this involves a group of like minded individuals who are headed to explore a new destination. The co working spaces allow the participants to work with ease and to ensure that they also make money while on the move. The startup founders organize everything about the co working space and the WiFi. Leaving your comfort zone might not be easy, but if you love to travel the world and do not want to spend a lifetime waiting for a holiday, this is an ideal way to start!


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