The right thought process for managing energy and time, a perfect Work Life Balance- Expert views by Deesha Sanghvi, Founder, Caza Career Consultants

Deesha shares, “Man versus woman is the most clichéd topic that has been around since centuries, and it still sometimes seems like rocket science. It’s har

Founder of one of the fastest growing HR Firm, Deesha Sanghvi, Founder, Caza Career Consultants is known for her innovation, perfection, commitment, eagerness to learn, and ability to think differently at work which also contribute to her strong leadership skills. It is true that in today’s competitive world, we all are juggling to stand different and carve a niche for ourselves. In such a scenario women have become superwomen, wearing multiple hats and at the same time managing their work-life balance. In an exclusive conversation with Business2Business, Deesha shares her journey of taking the entrepreneurial leap and how she manages it all:

Deesha shares, “Man versus woman is the most clichéd topic that has been around since centuries, and it still sometimes seems like rocket science. It’s hard not to notice, but every man feels like women give too much importance considering the feminist feelings, whereas on the other hand women for ages have felt like they are living in a patriarchal society and even after modernization this society has not changed.” She adds, “Considering the 8th of March, Women’s Day I would very much like to talk about the role of a woman. The many roles that a woman plays today is exceptional. I am not here to praise the woman for playing multiple roles because we are considered the weaker sex, but we are going to appreciate and applaud the finesse with which we balances not only ourselves, but all the others around us.

Different phases in a women’s life: “The average woman has her life divided into 4 basic phases starting with birth and childhood where all the basics of life are inculcated in her right from “sit like a lady” to ‘don’t play in the mud with the boys’. The second phase where she enters adolescence, a phase where most parents prepare their daughters like they are going out to war. Every statement begins with ‘be careful’ and ends with ‘you are a girl, you have to be cautious.’ The third stage is the mid twenties to thirties where you have to be married and hence the responsibility be transferred to the closest alpha male. Here starts her role of multi-tasking. The time when a woman plays all the roles a loving daughter, a daunting wife, a caring mother, an independent working woman, a courteous daughter-in-law, and many more,” shares Deesha.

Work-life balance: Deesha says, “In today’s fast paced life professional independence is something that has become an integral part of our life. Our mum’s trained us well and even inculcated in us the basics of a woman being a homemaker, but today’s lady will not settle for just being homemakers. A woman wants to be a CEO, a lawyer, a doctor, a marketing pro, and she is focused on achieving her goals with utmost planning and precision.” She adds, “It is always said that woman performs better at higher position as she is more sorted with her though process. There are a number of houses where the woman literally wears the pants and this is highly appreciated. Managing a family and work is definitely the biggest challenge for a woman… It's worse than having to work  two shifts because both can get equally tasking if the people in both places are demanding and pressurizing.”

She adds, “How well do we perform at our work place we do not get any levy of that in our personal life. We all are expected to be a pro at managing relations as well. I am sure with modernisation of our families, we have accepted it's okay if we do not cook, but above that we are expected to do each and every thing. In a world which expects something or the other from woman 24X7 it is this that is mostly causes a woman to choose between the two. Prioritizing, setting boundaries, organizing, and delegating are some of the ways women can better manage or bring some balance in their lives.” 

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