A jeweler to the stars with designs that take you back in time- In conversation with Vinay Gupta, Co-Owner, Shri Hari Diagems

Background and Journey: Sharing more on his background, Vinay shares, “I have always followed my father’s footsteps. Getting inspired by his work and art, I

Famous for styling a lot of exquisite names in India and abroad, which include a lot of Bollywood celebrities for their weddings and big award ceremonies; Vinay Gupta, Co-Owner, Shri Hari Diagems is a well known name in the fashion world. For him jewelry is not just a mere piece of accessory, but an art that he is very passionate about. Specializing in old-Mughal style jewelry and his inspiration reflect a lot in his work. Following his father’s footsteps and maintaining the family legacy of being the top-notch in the industry, in an exclusive interaction with Business2Business, Vinay shares more about his designs, accomplishments and a lot more: 

Background and Journey: Sharing more on his background, Vinay shares, “I have always followed my father’s footsteps. Getting inspired by his work and art, I entered the jewelry vanguard in 1996 with my first gold export business in Portugal. Since then we have come a long way in a short time span.” He adds, “It’s great to have a jewelry brand established  already, but to maintain the same legacy is quite hard. On the same hand it gives me a lot of enthusiasm  and it speeds up my working style as when I look back and see myself, I have left no stone unturned and set a benchmark to keep it positive.” He adds, “We have been instrumental in dolling up Bollywood divas like Jacqueline Fernandez, Vidya Balan, Nimrat Kaur, Gauahar Khan, Sana Khan, Kangana Ranaut Kalki Koechlin for Harper’s Bazaar Bride India; Diya Mirza and Mira Rajput for their wedding.”

The designs: The designs of Shri Hari Diagems are more contemporary Indian than traditional. Sharing more about the designs, Vinay shares, “Traditional Indian jewelry is part of our culture and festivities and most importantly weddings, hence traditional jewelry can only be worn on certain occasions, whereas modern- jewelry can be incorporated in everyday wear and doesn’t have to conform to traditions. I feel that today it is imperative for a jeweler to present a range to its customers that is a blend of both traditional and modern- wearable, yet unique, setting you apart from the crowd,” 

Current favourite jewelry trend: “Massive jewelry will be finally relevant even in winter image. The main thing is not to be miscalculated with the size. Just take the largest and the most heavy necklace, and boldly wear it with a thin knitted sweater,” shares Vinay.

Latest designs: Sharing more on their latest designs, Vinay shares, “Our collection deals with a wide range of spectacular wearable Kundan pieces. The antique heritage artwork is inspiring and exhibits a hallmark quality. Characterized by handpicked gems, master technique and a sever of style that is reminiscent of the maharajas. With a chest of jhurnar pasas, neckpieces, bridal chokers and maangtikas, all inspired designs that were once adorned by Indian royalty Shri Hari Diagems antique Kundan jewelry is embellished with rose gold , gold and handpicked jewelry like Burmese Rubies and Columbian Emeralds because of this antiquity their jewellery designs are extremely rare and impossible to replicate.”

Upcoming trends: “I feel just like bracelets, rings, stylized in retro and vintage styles will be really popular. I just want to be sure that you will choose the very ring that will fetch out your style and will be universal – for all seasons and all occasions,” shares Vinay.

Maintaining the legacy and brand reputation: Vinay shares, “We maintain the legacy of Shri Hari Diagems today with our combination of expertise and experience. Our focus has always been quality and this sets us apart. We also create jewelry that is relevant and for the modern day woman with the traditional essence of our 200 year old brand.”

Biggest accomplishments: “We strive to create the best piece each time, our aim is to create jewelry that will remain a favourite for our clients. Be it a ring, ear-ring or an entire set for a bride on her special day. This is what we always achieve and take a step towards accomplishments,” shares Vinay.

Advice to entrepreneurs: Nothing is ever perfect and things are not set in stone. You can change things up as you go along. You’d be doing that anyway; if you didn’t, you’d never grow. My advice would be to just go for it and do the best you can with the resources that you have.  Be creative, you’ll find a way and the rest will eventually come.

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