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Evolution of Technology - Top brands race for an edge in Artificial Intelligence

Can you imagine a world where your machine (your smartphone) thinks like you do, works like you do, processes like you do. Sounds interesting? Brands like Google, Samsung are competing to infuse your smartphone technology and other internet-linked devices, helping your smartphones to think like you do. You might not believe it, but it’s actually happening!

This evolution of technology will allow users to interact with the machine in a natural way and tell devices to accomplish tasks like making restaurant reservations, booking a hotel, ordering goods, etc. The Artificial Intelligence component in these newly-built programs will act like a virtual aide helping you to know yourself better with each conversation.

Google has already entered the show. Google has launched Daydream View VR headset. Virtual Reality on smartphone provides user with a new way of viewing things. Google Day Dream headsets promise to be 30 percent lighter than similar devices and can be used with spectacles as well. Content from YouTube can also be viewed on the Daydream VR, even non -360 videos. Daydream View VR reinvigorates the fundamental version of  mobile VR.

New technologies aim at reducing human effort and also helps ease to find one’s way round. We should be grateful for what technology brings to us, but on the same note we should not miss on the consequences. Don’t you think evolution of technology can also prove dangerous as it is invading into our freedom of thinking and working. Do let us know your comments on the same!

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