YouTube Music tests AI Radio for creating custom playlists with AI

According to reports from 9to5Google, YouTube Music is currently experimenting with a new AI feature that allows users to create personalized radio stations using custom prompts. This feature, discovered by a Reddit user named 'kater_pro', is in its early testing phase. It enables users to describe the type of music they want to listen to, effectively tailoring their listening experience to their preferences.

At present, YouTube Music users must type the track's title in order to locate particular songs or artists. Nonetheless, the Reddit user also posted some screenshots detailing the functioning of this AI tool in YouTube Music. He stated that once this feature is available to all users of YouTube Music, a message reading "Request music in your own way" will show up on the app's main page.

Another card labeled 'Ask for music any way you like' will be available, which opens a chat interface. Within this interface, users will find a text box where they can either type their music request or use voice commands to specify the type of music they wish to listen to. This feature aims to enhance user interaction by offering a more intuitive way to customize their music experience on YouTube Music.

Additionally, the feature will generate a playlist title and a brief description based on the user's music preferences. Below, the interface will suggest several prompts for exploring other music genres. The newly created radio station will adopt a name similar to the custom prompt entered by the user, accompanied by a label that reads 'Created for you' along with a concise description. This aims to personalize the music listening experience further on YouTube Music.

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